Area Change Request FAQ

What is an Area Change Request (ACR)?

The attendance area change request (ACR) process is for families seeking to enroll their child in a school outside their attendance area. All ACRs are carefully considered based upon a set of guiding principals and priority considerations described in JC-AR: Attendance Area & In-District Transfers.

Who needs to complete an ACR for the 2022-23 school year?

  • Any student who wishes to attend a school other than their neighborhood school (other than choice option schools)
  • Students on approved ACRs who are changing levels (moving from elementary to middle or middle to high school)

Note: Students who are already on approved ACRs do NOT need to fill out a new ACR (if not changing schools)

How are ACRs reviewed and approved?

Priority Consideration: In addition to consideration of space and staffing available, and requests received by the established due dates, the following priority considerations will be considered when reviewing an ACR:

  • Timely submission of ACR form (Grades 1-12 by March 1; kindergarten by May 1).
  • Parent/guardian is a current Bend-La Pine Schools staff member at the requested school.
  • Desire to remain at a student’s current school for the remaining years served at that school, if a student’s primary residence changes to outside of the attendance area mid-year.
  • If a student is requesting an ACR due to an upcoming relocation to a new attendance area, proof of future residence is required (i.e., rental agreement, copy of earnest money deposit, utility bill/agreement, etc.).
  • Significant family and/or student circumstance and/or hardship of an educational, medical, financial or personal nature that would be relieved by a change in attendance area. The circumstance or hardship to be relieved must be specified. At the elementary level this may include daycare.
  • Participation in a sequential program of studies where the program is not offered at the student’s resident high school. Once transferred for reasons of a program of study, the student will be expected to remain enrolled in the program for which the transfer was granted.
  • Sibling(s) who will be in attendance at the same school in the year following the submission of the ACR. Note: siblings are not automatically granted enrollment.

How do I submit an ACR for my student?

Before submitting an ACR, your student must be enrolled at their local, neighborhood school. You can use our online enrollment system or fill out a paper enrollment packet to complete this enrollment.

  • PREFFERED OPTION: Families may submit an ACR using our online enrollment system through ParentVue.
  • Alternative option: Families can complete an ACR form and return to [email protected] or mail to Education Center, 520 NW Wall Street, Bend, Ore. 97703 / attn: ACR
    (Forms are no longer being processed at the school sites.)

When are ACRs due?

ACR due dates:

  • March 1: grades 1-12
  • May 1: Kindergarten

The latest date of notification is August 26, 2022.

When will I know whether my ACR is accepted?

If you submitted your request by March 1, you will be notified by email by email by March 11.

  • If your request is "Accepted";
    • The school registrars will be notified, and will process the transfer.
    • The new requested school will contact you with information regarding scheduling and other school information.
  • If your request is "Denied," you will have the option to be placed on a waitlist. You will need to email [email protected] to make the request. Otherwise, your request will be removed from the queue

If you submitted your request after March 1, your request will remain on the waitlist unless you receive notification that your ACR has been accepted. You will be emailed monthly asking if you want to continue to be in the queue.

What about transportation for students on an ACR?

Parents/guardians are responsible for the transportation of any child that attends a school outside their attendance area.

I was granted an ACR last year, do I need to submit another one this year?

Once an ACR is approved, there is no need to resubmit on a yearly basis. However, if your child is transitioning between education levels, e.g., middle school to high school, etc., and wishes to attend a school outside their attendance area, then an ACR is required.

If my request is denied, what are my options?

Requests can be denied for several reasons, including lack of capacity at an individual school or the need to balance enrollment across schools. You will receive an email with the option to remain on a waitlist. However, you will need to make the request by emailing [email protected]. If you do not send an email, your request will be removed from the queue.

If my student is placed on a waitlist, how will I know where I am on that list?

Families who apply before March 1st are given priority consideration. After March 1st, the Reason for Attendance given on the ACR will be reviewed against consideration of space and staffing available at the school sites.

Every month an email will be sent out confirming you are still on the waitlist. Should you wish to remove your student from the waitlist, please email [email protected].

Can I use an ACR to enroll at a Choice Options school or program?

No. Choice Option schools and programs follow different enrollment processes altogether.

Generally speaking, do not submit an ACR if you:

My child does not currently attend a school within Bend-La Pine Schools, can I submit an ACR for the upcoming school year?

No. Prior to submitting an ACR, you must first enroll your child in their local, neighborhood school by using our online enrollment system or by filling out a paper enrollment packet. The school registrar will process your enrollment which includes verifying that all required information and documentation has been received (see JEC-AP: Admission of Students). Keep in mind that proof of residential address must be provided in order to confirm that you reside within the school's attendance area.

Once your child's enrollment has been accepted at their local school, you will be able to submit an ACR using our online enrollment system or by filling out an ACR form and submitting it to your local school.

My family is moving into a different attendance area. Can my child continue to attend their current school?

Families that move out of an attendance area, e.g., across town move, can submit a current-year ACR to request that their child continue to attend their current school.

If the ACR is approved, then the student may continue to attend for the remaining years served by the school. Once the student matriculates to a higher education level, e.g., middle to high school, etc., the ACR no longer applies. As with any other ACR, parents/guardians become responsible for all transportation.

My child's friends attend a school outside of my attendance area. Can I submit an ACR to request that my child attend the same school as their friends?

Each ACR represents its own unique circumstance and, as such, is given careful, individual consideration. When evaluating an ACR, schools follow a set of guiding principles to balance the factors involved in the decision-making process, e.g., student needs, enrollment numbers, available space, staffing numbers, etc. There are certain circumstances, in particular, that are given priority consideration, e.g., significant family/student hardship (see JC-AR : Attendance Area & In-District Transfers).

I want my child to participate in another school’s athletics program.  Can I submit an ACR to send my child to that school?

Attendance area changes based solely on the desire to participate in a particular activity or athletics program are expressly forbidden by District policy (see JC-AR : Attendance Area & In-District Transfers) and may also have the effect of jeopardizing a student’s Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) eligibility.

I plan on moving to Bend but have yet to establish a residence. Can I submit an ACR?

As you plan your relocation, please keep in mind that you must first enroll your child in their neighborhood school. This must occur prior to submitting an ACR. JEC-AP : Admission of Students lists examples of the kinds of documents traditionally accepted as proof of a residential address.

Once the enrollment is accepted, you will be able to submit an ACR using our online enrollment system or by filling out an ACR form and submitting it to [email protected] or mail to:

Area Change Request
Bend-La Pine Schools Education Center
520 NW Wall Street
Bend, OR 97703

I want to enroll my child in a Choice Option school but the lottery is over. What should I do?

You can express interest in attending a Choice Option school or program at any time. Students whose applications are received after the lottery deadline will be placed on an "Interest List" from which openings are filled.

Please visit the Choice Options webpage for more information.

I live outside the Bend-La Pine Schools boundary but I want my child to attend a Bend-La Pine school. Is this possible?

Bend-La Pine Schools does consider Inter-District Transfer Requests for admitting non-resident students as described in JECB-AP: Admission of Non-Resident Students.

Do students who moved mid-year need to fill out an ACR to remain at their current school?


NOTE: Transportation will not be provided.

What about families who have an approved ACR but now want to return to their original attendance area school? 

Email [email protected] and explain the circumstances and request.

Attendance Areas

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If you have questions about the ACR process, please contact us at [email protected]