Area Change Requests (ACR)

Choice Options and ACR Timeline

What is an Area Change Request (ACR)?

The ACR process is for parent/guardians to request attendance at a neighborhood school outside of their current attendance area (this is not how to request admission at choice option schools, which require admission through a lottery). A parent/guardian may request a change to their child/children's school attendance area when special circumstances merit such a change. Approval or denial of requests will be made based upon student needs, space available in the school, the particular grade or program, impact on enrollment balance between the schools, and appropriateness of the program.

When an ACR is granted, student transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

Guiding Principles

Please take a moment to review the district regulation JC-AR: Attendance Areas & In-District Transfers.

This regulation reviews:

  • Priority Considerations
  • Attendance Area Change for Activity or Athletic Participation
  • Procedures for Attendance Area Change Requests
  • Determining Residence

ACR Deadline

To enable planning at the respective schools for the next school year and to receive priority consideration, parent/guardians requesting a transfer should submit a completed ACR request for grades 1-12 by March 1 and for kindergarten students by May 1.

The application period for Priority Consideration of an ACR is February 1 to March 1.

How to apply

To apply, parent/guardians should complete an online application through ParentVUE. Click on the "Updates/Enrollment" button to begin.
For families that wish to complete a hard copy , please complete one of the following forms

and email ([email protected]) or mail to:

Area Change Request
Bend-La Pine Schools Education Center
520 NW Wall Street
Bend, OR 97703

Determining Residence

  • For purposes of enrollment, the primary residence of the student must be used. If it is determined that some address other than primary residence has been used for obtaining access to a specific school, then all rights and privileges accorded through this district administrative regulation regarding the choice of school shall be forfeited.
  • Students whose primary residence is within the Caldera High/La Pine High Choice Attendance Area, as defined by the district, have the option to enroll at Caldera High School or La Pine High School. Once a student has started at either Caldera High or La pine High, that high school will be considered the student's home area high school. If a student who resides in the choice attendance area and who has started at either Caldera High or La Pine High would like to transfer to a different high school in the district, that student must follow the procedures for an Attendance Area Change Request as described above.
  • Students who are sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason; are living in motels, hotels, camping grounds or trailer parks due to lack of alternative accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; are abandoned in hospitals; are awaiting foster care placement; have a primary nighttime residence that is a private or public place not designed for ordinary use as regular sleeping accommodations for human beings; are living in a car, park, public space, abandoned building, bus or train station or similar setting; will not be denied or delayed school enrollment due to lack of any document normally required for determining primary residence.
  • Students who live outside of Bend-La Pine Schools' district attendance areas and wish to enroll in the district are asked to follow the guidance set forth in JECB-AP: Admission of Non-Resident Students.


When an ACR is granted, student transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

Area Change Request FAQs

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If you have questions about the ACR process, please contact us at [email protected]