Bus Route Lookup

Information for the 2020-21 school year is now available.

Lookup information for bus routes is available through the Transportation webpage.

2021-22 School Boundary Lookup

A lookup tool for the 2021-22 school boundaries is now available.

2021-2022 School Boundary Street Lookup

NOTE: Don't forget to use the directional on your street address if you have one. For example, 520 NW Wall Street

Attendance Area Change Requests

Parents wishing to send their children to a non-magnet school in another attendance area must fill out an Attendance Area Change Request form by March 1.

  • ALL incoming freshman and sophomore students will be required to complete a new ACR form; including those who are currently attending a high school on an approved ACR. A new ACR is required due to the multiple boundary changes created by the new high school and the desire to balance enrollment across high schools. Please review the Attendance Area & In-District Transfers policy page for more information.

2018-2020 Boundary Process

Learn about the boundary review process.