Policy Governance

The Bend-La Pine Schools Board of Directors are focused on policies about student achievement and creating World Class schools. With that aim, the board is using a policy governance model to target specific results or "ends." The board members are focused on broad goals — including what Bend-La Pine Schools graduates should know and be able to do.

The board members communicate their overall goals and what they expect to be accomplished to the superintendent. How these "ends" are achieved is left up to the district's professional staff. By delegating and directing the superintendent, the board is able to focus on more broad issues while evaluating the end results.

Board Ends Policies

These policies lay out the results the Board of Directors expects to be achieved. Through these policies, the board is able to provide strategic guidance by defining goals.

Executive Limitations

These policies define what methods the superintendent may not use to achieve the end results. The Board of Directors is essentially pre-approving all methods not expressly prohibited in these policies.

Governance Process Policies

These policies describe the role of the board and how the board will direct the superintendent to achieve set results.

Board/Superintendent Relationship Policies

These policies define the link between the superintendent and the board, including how to act as a unit, how to create accountability for the superintendent and monitoring of the superintendent's job performance.

Administrative Policies

These policies are set by the superintendent and outline the operating procedures of the district.

Policies in Review

Please visit our Policies in Review page