Integrated Plan

Welcome! This is your opportunity to review and provide feedback on the proposed Bend-La Pine Schools Integrated Plan for 2023-25. What exactly is the Integrated Plan? It is an approach by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to align and integrate several state and federal educational investments that previously required separate budgeting, tracking and reporting. The goal is to simplify both planning and budgeting. The full guidance from ODE is available on the link below:

The Bend-La Pine Schools Integrated Plan shows how our district is allocating and targeting resources from six state initiatives:

  1. Student Investment Account
  2. High School Success
  3. Continuous Improvement Planning
  4. Career and Technical Education
  5. Every Day Matters
  6. Early Indicator Intervention Systems

Some of these are large initiatives. The Student Investment Account, approved by voters in 2019 as an outcome of the Corporate Activity Tax, brings in over $13 million a year to the district. Others, such as Continuous Improvement Planning, does not come with any state support.

In developing our Integrated Plan, the District was required to conduct a needs assessment with a wide range of metrics, answer a variety of questions related to the ODE initiatives above, and provide evidence of extensive community engagement with key stakeholders (students, staff and families), especially those from underserved populations. This information is contained in the 29-page application below:

Artifacts of Community Engagement


The two largest budgets in the Integrated Plan are from Student Investment Account (about $13 million) and High School Success (about $5 million). The following two links show how we intend to spend these funds to improve student academic performance, emotional well being, and access to a well-rounded education:

Oregon Department of Education

To learn more about the Integrated Plan, please feel free to visit the Oregon Department of Education website.

Feedback Welcome

We welcome all feedback or questions. Comments are due by 5 p.m. March 13.

Please email us at: [email protected]

School Board Meeting

Share your thoughts about the Integrated Plan at our next School Board meeting on Tuesday, March 14.