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GED Option Program

What is the GED?

The GED is a series of 4 tests in the academic areas of Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and Mathematics. The Bend-La Pine Schools GED option provides students the opportunity to prepare for this test series in a supported environment. Once practice tests are completed, our staff also guide students to a testing center and help them prepare for and follow through with the GED subject area exams. Ultimately, it is our hope that all GED students complete the larger goal of a high school diploma and go on to success with both education and career after the GED program.

Entrance Requirements:

In order to be eligible for participation in a GED program, students must:

  • Be 16 years of age
  • Be behind in school academically
  • Be enrolled with a Bend-La Pine High School

What kind of student can be enrolled in the GED Option Program?

  • Student is struggling with attendance, behavior, or academic achievement.
  • Students who have fallen behind in credits and are having difficulty catching up.

Program Steps and Process:

  1. Pretest and Curriculum Generation: A pretest within the Aztec software identifies student strengths and deficits. A personalized sequence of lessons is assigned to the student based on this assessment. The GED Test Series follows successful completion of the lessons.

  2. Coursework: Students will be expected to spend at least 9 hours a week engaged with their practice lessons. Lab times are available during the regular school day. Students with personal technology can also work independently. With regular attendance and dependent on prior knowledge and performance on the practice test, coursework (which includes learning and review) can take weeks to a year, although the average time for students with 9th-grade level skills and knowledge is about 3 months.

  3. "GED Ready Test": When students feel they are proficient in a subject area they will take a GED practice test in each area. These tests must be scheduled and taken in an approved Bend-La Pine lab environment. Passing scores must be received on each subject-area practice test before the actual GED Subject area tests are scheduled and taken.

  4. GED Testing: When a student is ready (practice tests have been passed) testing sessions will be scheduled. A student may choose to master and test in one subject area at a time then test in that subject area, or master all 4 content areas before testing in any of them. Each of the 4 GED Tests is administered separately. All subject area tests must be passed before any credit can be added to a student’s transcript.

  5. Next Steps: Upon successful completion of the GED test series, students continuing toward a high school diploma will have credits added to their transcript. Their complete transcript will be reviewed to determine what (if any) additional requirements must be met to earn a Bend-La Pine Schools diploma.

* Completing the GED without transcribing credits does not make the student a graduate. A student who completes the GED and does not reconnect with the school and have the credits transferred onto the transcript will count as a non-completer on the enrolled schools state report.

A GED may not be recognized as a diploma by potential employers and some postsecondary institutions.

Program Staff

D. Richards