Families In Need

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Family Access Network (FAN)

Family Access Network's goal is to improve lives by ensuring children have access to basic need services. FAN is unique to Central Oregon, located in all public schools in Deschutes County and in Prineville. Each school in Bend-La Pine Schools has a dedicated FAN advocate assigned to it. These advocates help connect students and families to essential services such as food, shelter, heating, health care, clothing and more.

FAN advocates link children and families to critical basic need services with the goal of keeping children healthy and in school. FAN provides a direct and convenient way within the school to connect children to vital resources. FAN advocates support our families in need, removing barriers and paving the way for a child’s success. FAN advocates improve the lives of over 9,000 children and family members in our community each year.

For more information, please see the FAN foundation website.

Amity Creek Magnet Sandy Schmidt 541-355-4211, Email
Bear Creek Elementary Jamie Neill* 541-355-1483, Email
Buckingham Elementary Erin Brown 541-355-2625, Email
Elk Meadow Elementary Heidi Odman
541-355-1508, Email
Ensworth Elementary Jamie Neill* 541-355-1615, Email
High Lakes Elementary Heidi Odman 541-355-1715, Email
Highland Magnet Eilean Karpstein 541-355-1858, Email
Juniper Elementary Eilean Karpstein 541-355-1858, Email
La Pine Elementary Janet Sicora 541-355-8075, Email
Lava Ridge Elementary Nicole Stefano 541-355-2408, Email
Pine Ridge Elementary Jenn Reuter 541-355-2716, Email
Ponderosa Elementary Erin Brown 541-355-4316, Email
R.E. Jewell Elementary Whitney Davis* 541-355-2123, Email
Rosland Elementary Janet Sicora 541-355-8117, Email
Silver Rail Elementary Whitney Davis* 541-355-2915, Email
Three Rivers K-8 Jenn Reuter 541-355-3067, Email
Westside Village Magnet Nicole Stefano 541-355-7715, Email
William E. Miller Elementary Heidi Odman 541-355-2517, Email
Cascade Middle Sandy Schmidt 541-355-7106, Email
High Desert Middle Kristine Evans 541-355-7343, Email
La Pine Middle Kathy Graves 541-355-8272, Email
Pacific Crest Middle Jenn Reuter 541-355-7826, Email
Pilot Butte Middle Raquel Hernandez* 541-355-7471, Email
Realms Middle Erin Brown 541-355-4316, Email
Sky View Middle Nicole Stefano 541-355-7715, Email
Bend Senior High Kristine Evans 541-355-3883, Email
La Pine High Kathy Graves 541-355-8460, Email
Marshall High Kathy Baglien 541-355-5672, Email
Mountain View High Kathy Baglien 541-355-5672, Email
Summit High Sandy Schmidt 541-355-4211, Email
Realms High Erin Brown 541-355-4316, Email
Skyline High Erin Brown 541-355-4316, Email
Transition Coop Kathy Baglien 541-355-5672, Email
Tamarack Mara Stephens 541-355-1037, Email
Latino Family Advocate Raquel Hernandez* 541-355-7471, Email
Early Childhood Advocate - Bend Jamie Neill* 541-355-1483, Email
Early Childhood Advocate - La Pine Janet Sicora 541-355-8075, Email

* denotes a Spanish speaker / se habla español

Homeless Education Learning Programs

Project HELP advocates for the educational rights of children and youth living in homeless or transitional situations including residing in motels, substandard housing, shelter, transitional housing, camping or doubled up with other families. Project HELP offers assistance with immediate enrollment, transportation, free school meals, educational services and resource referrals.

Project HELP Mara Stephens 541-355-1037, Email