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School to Careers Credit Programs

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Talk to your Future Center or more information on each of these programs.

Cadet Teaching - .5 credit

These are regular forecasted classes and must be added to your schedule by your counselor. They are offered during any regularly scheduled class periods only. Students attend each day they have these periods and it is an independent program.

Cadet Teaching students request a teacher mentor at one of our closer elementary or middle schools and ask if they can Cadet Teach with them. Students have weekly evaluation forms to turn in along with creating a lesson plan, bulletin board and providing a final reflection paper. Students interested in a career in Education, Childcare or Psychology would be a perfect fit for these programs, however we encourage all students to take this opportunity to work with the younger students in our community.

Internships - .5 credit

These are paid and non-paid opportunities for our students to receive invaluable job experience. Students will "work" in a company alongside a professional to gain insight into a career and have the opportunity to "try it out".

Internships - .5 credit for a non-paid internship with a total of 65 hours or paid internship with a total of 144 hours.

If you are interested in an Internship in La Pine, please make an appointment with the School to Careers Center.

If you are interested in an Internship in Bend, please use the below links:

Volunteering - .5 credit

Students may obtain credit in the following areas:

Volunteer / Community Service - .5 credit for 65 hours of community service (up to a full credit)

Work Experience - .5 credit for 144 hours of paid work experience (up to a full credit)

*NOTE* - students must have proof of hours and complete required "packets" for each area. Come into the School to Careers Center for more information.

Health Occupations - .5 credit

This program not offered at ALL schools yet. Ask your Future Center!

Students who are considering a career in healthcare and/or dental hygienist should consider signing up for these rotations. Students visit offices in our areas. Students receive .5 credit. This bi-annual program will allow students to visit 8 offices.

Students can earn elective credit in non-traditional ways. Our school offers several including:

Job Shadows - .5 credit

Job Shadows are a short-term opportunity to spend 3-6 hours at a business "shadowing" someone to learn more about the day to day work of the company, ask questions about the career pathway, learn about education requirements and how to get hired in the field. Job Shadows can be very enlightening to students about a career they think they are interested in. We are happy to connect students and local businesses with a job shadow in a career pathway they want to explore. They just need to fill out a Job Shadow request form - see your Future Center representative.

Work Experience

Students may receive high school credit for working. Bend-La Pine Schools believes that students gain a great deal of "real world" experience on the job and we want to recognize those efforts. Students may complete 144 hours for .5 credit along with a packet and final interview. Students may receive a full credit for work experience.

Contact Your Future Center

Your school's Future Center has information and resources to help you navigate your post graduation possibilities.