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Construction Projects

  • New Transportation Office Space

    New Transportation Office Space

    New offices, upgrade lighting, and add two work bays

  • New Roof for Bend Senior High School

    New Roof for Bend Senior High School

  • Replace Field at Elk Meadow

    Replace Field at Elk Meadow

    Repair and renovate the north play field and repair the asphalt

  • Before and After: Bear Creek

    Before and After: Bear Creek

    Replace and paint siding at Bear Creek Elementary School

About the Bond

On May 21, 2013 citizens of Bend, La Pine and Sunriver approved a ballot measure, with the highest percentage YES vote in history, to build new schools and fund projects that protect our community's investment in its schools and facilities. These projects will support economic growth and prosperity and go far to protect our quality of life now and for future generations.

The approved bond measure includes $96 million to fund numerous construction projects, including two new schools — Silver Rail Elementary School in southeast Bend and Pacific Crest Middle School in northwest Bend.

Here you can find information about past, present and future projects connected with the bond.

Completed Projects

Bend Transportation

Construction Budget: $1.7 million
Provide permanent administrative offices, expand parking lot, upgrade lighting, and add two work bays to south side of shop.

Bear Creek Elementary

Construction Budget: $133,000
Replace/paint siding.

Elk Meadow Elementary

Construction Budget: $364,000
Repair/renovate north play field, repair asphalt

High Lakes Elementary

Construction Budget: $18,000
Repair/renovate east play field

Cascade Middle School

Construction Budget: $120,000
Replace cafeteria pocket tables, replace south soffit/lights, add bleachers in new gym

High Desert Middle School

Construction Budget: $387,000
Resurface track, replace 2nd floor hallway carpet with LVT, repair asphalt

Pilot Butte Middle School

Construction Budget: $571,000
Remodel restrooms

Sky View Middle School

Construction Budget: $312,000
Resurface track, replace gym windows with operable units

Marshall High School

Construction Budget: $125,000
Replace classroom roof, repair asphalt

Distribution Center

Construction Budget: $358,000
Replace roof

Juniper Elementary School

Budget: $1.6 million
Replace boiler system, upgrade controls and ductwork, replace and repaint siding, replace asphalt at playground, repair asphalt at parking lot, replace building E roof, replace gym floor.

Amity Creek Magnet School

Budget: $1.7 million
Replace boiler system, upgrade controls, replace exterior and gym doors, renovate restrooms and add staff restrooms, fire sprinkler building, kitchen expansion and provide storage for cafeteria tables.

La Pine Elementary School, La Pine Middle School

Budget: $1.5 million
Elementary: Repair parking lot asphalt, repair/replace playground asphalt.
Middle School: Remodel restrooms, add paving at rear of school, heated sidewalk at the front entry, replace gym bleachers.

Pilot Butte Middle School

Budget: $2.25 million
Replace roof on Building D, remodel boys and girls locker rooms, remodel restrooms in Buildings A and E, replace and repaint siding, resurface track.

Education Center

Budget: $3 million
New boilers, upgrade electrical service, boiler/data outbuilding, remove replace south parking lot.

Silver Rail Elementary School

Budget: $17.3 million (includes $2.25 million for land purchase).
New neighborhood school in southeast Bend

Pacific Crest Middle School

Budget: $36.9 million
New Neighborhood School in Northwest Bend

Highland at Kenwood School

Budget: $4.08 million
Repaired parking and playground asphalt, replaced fence, renovated classrooms and
hallways, and expanded kitchen.

RE Jewell Elementary School

Budget: $977,137
Remodeled all restrooms, created storage and restrooms in the gym, installed shower for life skills program, installed skylight in activity room, and replaced North playground asphalt.

Bend Senior High School

Budget: $4.97 million
Painted exterior of building, upgraded art room, replaced exterior single pane windows in A, B & C halls, replaced modular with permanent classrooms, resurfaced track, replaced stadium poles and lights, added soccer field, removed and replaced tennis courts, and reconfigured library.

La Pine High School

Budget: $3.1 million
Remodeled existing science labs, constructed soccer field, upgraded hallways, replaced windows that had broken seals, resurfaced track, stabilized asphalt edges, replaced bleachers in main gym, added DDC system to the remainder of the building, repaired asphalt parking lot, replaced D-wing roof, replaced cove base, replaced stadium poles and lights, reroofed single ply, and covered dumpsters.

Buckingham Elementary School

Budget: $1.7 million
Improved visitor visibility and safety at main entrance, made playground safety improvements, replaced aging gym floor, remodeled restrooms to meet ADA - including stalls and sinks.

Mountain View High School

Budget: $4.5 million
Improved and increased instructional space in foods and second language classrooms (originally built in the 1970s); replaced upper gym floor and renovated existing space for physical education; upgraded physical education athletics fields and track; repaired asphalt; replaced exterior doors; developed athletic field (on SW corner); replaced windows with broken seals; replaced gym floor; made technology improvements and more.

Summit High School

Budget: $1.2 million
Classroom expansion for Career Technical Education program and preservation of building façade.

Three Rivers School

Budget: $175,000
Created a defined music classroom.

Questions about Sites and Facilities?

Bend-La Pine Schools has convened a volunteer committee to identify future school facility needs to create a comprehensive, 20-year siting study for the Bend, La Pine and Sunriver areas and recommendations for future maintenance. Learn more about the committee's work by visiting the Sites and Facilities webpage here.

Contact: Mike Tiller at 541-355-4702 or Email.

Sites and Facilities Phase 1 Report

Pacific Crest Middle School opened in 2015

Other Construction Info

Bond Highlights

Silver Rail Elementary School

Silver Rail Elementary School opened in September 2015.

Buckingham Elementary School

The entrance at Buckingham Elementary School was upgraded to add safety features.

Highland at Kenwood

Historic Highland School at Kenwood underwent extensive renovations during the summer of 2015.

Mountain View High School culinary room

Mountain View High School's culinary room was modernized thanks to the bond – one of many projects at the school.