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2017 Bond Measure

Planning is underway for the following projects:

  • New high school in southeast Bend
  • New elementary school in Bend
  • Instructional space modernization, secure entry and roof replacement at Pilot Butte Middle School
  • Construction of a new gym and two new classrooms at Marshall High School
  • Replacing classroom cabinets, replacing all existing lights with LED, installing fans in all instructional spaces, adding secure entry at Lava Ridge Elementary School
  • ADA upgrades, parking lot re-configuration and secure entry at Sky View Middle School
  • Secure entries at High Lakes Elementary School, Pine Ridge Elementary School, Ponderosa Elementary School, Summit High School, Westside Village Magnet at Kingston School and William E. Miller Elementary School
Architects Meet with Students during new high school design process

Caption: In January, architects met with focus groups of teachers, counselors, office staff and students during the design process for the new high school to be constructed in southeast Bend.

Bond Updates:

January 2018

  • New High School: Architects conducted two full days of focus groups with more than 100 staff and students to work on the design for the new high school in southeast Bend. The architects are using the feedback to further develop the design.
  • New Elementary School: Bidding is expected to take place in March, with construction slated to start in May.
  • Bend Senior High School: BBT Architects are in contract negotiations to complete work on Bend Senior High School. Master planning and visioning work will follow.
  • Marshall High School: The project is slated to go to bid in February, with construction on the addition to begin in April.

November 2017

  • During the Nov. 14 meeting of the school board, Bend-La Pine Schools Director of Facilities, Mike Tiller, announced the proposed location for Bend-La Pine Schools’ newest elementary school site. Tiller shared that the district has entered into an agreement in principle with the owner for a property near OB Riley and Cooley roads in north central Bend. Read more about the project and other bond updates
  • Planning is underway for a new large high school in southeast Bend, slated to open as soon as the fall of 2021. The new high school would be located at the corner of SE 15th Street and Knott Road in southeast Bend, thanks to a proposed land swap. Schematic design for the building has begun.

October 2017

  • An Request For Proposals for architectural services for master planning has been issued for Bend Senior High School. Details on RFP

August 2017

  • Contracts have been signed with architects for the new high school, new elementary school, Sky View Middle School, Lava Ridge and Marshall High School. Architects are working with school staff members on programming to determine the goals of the projects.

July 2017

  • Notices of intent were sent to architects for several bond projects. Upon completion of negotiations, the district would enter into contracts for the following: BBT for the new high school; BLRB for the new elementary school; BBT for Sky View Middle School, vestibules and cabinetry at Lava Ridge Elementary School; DKA for Marshall High School.

June 2017

  • A notice of intent was sent to an architect, BLRB, for the project at Pilot Butte Middle School.
  • Bend-La Pine Schools is in the process of selecting architects for three bond projects: new high school construction, new elementary school construction and Marshall High School.

Bend-La Pine Schools’ 2016 Sites and Facilities teams, in partnership with the community, have developed a recommendation for a school capital construction bond request that proposes to address the following four major areas:

Provide Neighborhood Schools in High-Growth Areas:

Construct one elementary school and one high school to meet current and anticipated future overcrowding caused by decades of continuing enrollment growth[1].

Maintenance and Preservation at Existing Buildings:

Nearly half of the District’s schools are more than 30-years-old, and projects are proposed to modernize these facilities. The bond funding would allow the District to replace leaking roofs and windows, and upgrade heating, ventilation, electrical, and plumbing systems. The bond would also allow the District to make money saving energy improvements to boilers, HVAC and lighting systems to many of its schools and facilities.

Classroom Additions and Modernization:

Many of the District's classrooms were constructed decades ago. The bond would allow the community to add and renovate classrooms and support spaces at existing schools; including modernization of instructional spaces for science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and physical education.

    Safety and Technology Improvements:

    Make health and life safety upgrades including cameras, intercoms and entrance redesign to provide improved visibility of visitor access. Improve technology wiring and cabling to ensure students throughout the district have equal access to technology resources.

    • [1] October 1 Historical Enrollment, Julianne Repman, Oct. 1, 2016

    Bond Details


    More than half of the district’s elementary schools and all of the district’s high schools in Bend are near or over capacity, due to continuous enrollment growth[1]. Between 2000 and 2016, school district enrollment grew by more than 5,000 students[2]. According to state and local projections, this trend is expected to continue. In fact, Portland State University’s Population Research Center projects that our District should grow by almost 3,000 students in the next ten years[3].


    The committee recommends that the Bend-La Pine Schools Board of Directors place a bond measure on the May 16, 2017 general election ballot.

    How Much?

    Thanks to the continued retirement of existing bonds, the overall tax rate is projected to increase by .44-cents per $1,000 of taxable value annually, over the life of the bond. This amount is equal to an estimated cost of just over $7 per month on a home with a taxable value of $200,000.

    [1] Enrollment Projections, Brad Henry, Dec. 1, 2016

    [2] October 1 Historical Enrollment, Julianne Repman, Oct. 1, 2016

    [3] Portland State University’s Population Research Center report to Bend-La Schools, Charles Rynerson, November 2014

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