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Celebrate June's Champion for Students

Pacific Crest Middle School counselor Sarah Girard has made a huge impact on staff and students alike

Article Date: Jun 18, 2024

Congratulations to our June Champion for Students, a middle school counselor who goes the extra mile to support students and staff! Help us celebrate Pacific Crest Middle School counselor Sarah Girard!

School counselors are essential to student health and success, and Sarah goes the extra mile to support not just the students in her care but also the entire school community.

Christina Edwards, a counselor at High Desert Middle School, nominated Sarah with these words:

"Sarah is a continual learner and that attitude is infectious toward her students. She leads EVERY conversation with compassion and passion. If there is a student whose needs are not being met, she will fight and fight and fight for them. If there is a staff member who needs a bit of extra help, she will fight and fight and fight for them. … She is one of the greatest leaders I've gotten to work with and every interaction I have with her, I walk away feeling seen, heard, and I feel more calm. She has a special power to meet you where you are at, and help direct you where you want to go--without you even realizing it. I am a new school counselor and I am constantly asking myself, 'What would Sarah do? How would Sarah approach this?' I hope to be half the counselor that she is. Sarah goes above and beyond day in and day out."

Pacific Crest Principal Sean Keating shared this about Sarah:

“Sarah Girard is more than just a counselor. She's a leader. In addition to the support she provides students and parents in her counseling role, she leads our work with teachers to target extra treatments for students who need it. She has a deep knowledge of schoolwide culture and what makes school safe and healthy. Our admin team relies on her wise judgment for all different kinds of issues, including student safety plans, small group supports, and building the main schedule. She has such a wide understanding of school culture and student support that I asked her to be on our Instructional Coaching and Curriculum Leadership Team and paid for her stipend out of our discretionary budget. She's a key player here, and our success as a school leans heavily on her daily efforts.”

In recognition of your leadership and success in your role as school counselor at Pacific Crest Middle School. Thanks to your ability to see the promise in every student and dedicating your days to lifting up students and staff around you, you pave the way for everyone’s success and wellbeing. Your commitment to serving the Pacific Crest community makes a meaningful impact on those around you. Bend-La Pine Schools is proud to count you among our Champion for Students!