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Preventing Bullying This Month, All Year Long

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Article Date: Oct 03, 2022

At Bend-La Pine Schools, we believe every student deserves a safe space for learning and self-expression. In October, we recognize National Bullying Prevention Month to highlight the importance of fostering a community of inclusion, safety, and respect.

This month is a time to unite nationally to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention. We invite you to join us in raising awareness in our schools and community as we work toward our shared goal of inclusion, support, and respect for all as our school staff members prioritize building relationships to foster a sense of belonging in our schools.

Below are some of the ways our schools are working to prevent bullying and prioritize inclusion, belonging and respect:

During the month of October, middle school Advisory classes will engage in lessons designed to build awareness and empathy. A primary focus will be learning and practicing strategies for being an “upstander” vs a “bystander”, both in school and online. Students will gain a deeper understanding of their own power to stand up for themselves and others, and when and how to seek adult support.

Our middle and high school health education provides skills for bullying/violence prevention. All of these aim to provide students the skills they need to develop healthy, respectful relationships.

Our elementary schools focus on community, care and connection in a variety of ways. Many schools have regular circle time for students to connect and learn about each other by prioritizing time for community and relationship building, including anti-bullying lessons. Elementary schools also implement a variety of other methods to prevent bullying including: buddy benches (a dedicate spot to help students find playmates), buddy partners (where an older student is paired with a younger student for activities), mix up days (where students are encouraged to sit with someone new during lunch) and many more.

Our schools at all levels are committed to creating schools where bullying is not tolerated and students feel a sense of inclusion and belonging.