School Update for Feb. 12

Friday, Feb. 12 Now a Distance Learning Day

Article Date: Feb 05, 2021

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Bend-La Pine Schools’ Families,

Next week, our schools are recognizing two significant milestones. On Feb. 8, for the first time in more than 10 months, all of our schools will be open full time for in-person instruction. Also, next week, hundreds of our staff members will be receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which gives so many an extra layer of protection as we do the critical work of educating our students.

We have made the decision to change our school day for Friday, Feb. 12 to distance learning, instead of in-person, to ensure our staff are able to receive these important vaccines, which will help to protect our students and their families, school community, and communities as a whole. Learn more about the vaccine. We believe this option is the best decision in order to ensure that we can provide adequate staffing to provide in-person instruction.

Offering students a robust day of comprehensive distance learning strikes a good balance of instruction and teacher contact while allowing hundreds of staff members the opportunity to drive to Redmond and back for their final vaccine, without leaving their in-person classrooms unstaffed. Additionally, this allows us to accommodate anticipated absences for a small but significant number of staff brought on by immune response to the second vaccine.

Please watch for communication from your school and teachers about details for next week. Middle and high school students will follow a Wednesday webex schedule; elementary students will follow a schedule typical of their former CDL schedule.

We are expanding our Grab and Go meal sites to serve families on Friday, Feb. 12. Free meals will be served from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the following locations: Bend Senior High School, Elk Meadow Elementary School, La Pine High School, Lava Ridge Elementary School, Mountain View High School, Three Rivers School and Westside Village Magnet at Kingston School.

We are working with our partners to explore childcare options for Friday, Feb. 12. Check with them for details in the coming days.

We know you have adapted to so much this year and we appreciate your partnership and support.

All the best,

Lora Nordquist, Interim Superintendent