Winter Weather Decisions

Stay Connected to Learn About Possible Delays, Closures

Article Date: Jan 09, 2020

With wintry weather upon us here in Central Oregon, we want to take a few minutes to share how we make the decision to stay open, delay school, close schools or release students early – as a response to adverse weather conditions.

We believe students and families are best served when we are open. However, we keep safety at the forefront and do occasionally adjust our schedule due to inclement weather.

Bend-La Pine Schools will be open daily as scheduled, regardless of weather, unless a closure or delayed start announcement is made. Typically, decisions regarding schedule changes are made in the early morning, before school, when current weather conditions can be assessed. Our goal is to make these decisions before our first bus leaves the transportation department, just after 5 a.m.
Changes to schedule will be:

  • Posted on district and school webpages —
  • Broadcast by local media beginning at approximately 6 a.m.
  • Shared via Twitter @BLPSchools
  • Posted on the district Facebook page
  • Shared with subscribers to the district's text notification system, BLConnect
    • Register at BLConnect (English and Spanish options available)
  • Made available via an on-demand recorded phone line
    • English: 541-323-7669
    • Spanish: 541-355-0044

Note: no news = no change. If there is a change in the school schedule due to inclement weather, we will announce the change. On days when school is in session and on regular schedule, the district will not make an announcement.

Prior to making decisions, Bend-La Pine Schools’ officials drive routes throughout our district, consult with city, county and state road departments, and district snow removal crews regarding school buildings, sidewalk and parking lot conditions. With this in mind, inclement weather may cause school schedules to be adjusted as follows:

Two-Hour Delay

School will start two hours late.

Buses will run two hours later than normal schedule and will drive slowly, adjusting to conditions. Buses may be delayed getting to stops, as drivers are using caution and slowing down to drive to conditions. Families can check the location of their bus and its anticipated arrival time by using My Bus Stop.

Morning programs will be cancelled and limited breakfast may be served when student(s) arrive to school.

School Closure

When schools are closed for the day due to weather or emergency, the school building will not be used. Unless otherwise noted, all evening meetings and activities, including Kids Inc. are cancelled.

10-Minute Early Release

Middle and high school students can be released 10-minutes early in order to give buses extra time to complete routes and for students to travel home. In this case, elementary students are generally released at the regular time. In some situations, an early release can be greater than 10-minutes to allow for local roadway conditions, congestion or to get ahead of a pending storm.

As a result of a 10-minute early release, afternoon/evening programs delivered by organizations at our schools may be cancelled. Now is a good time to check with after-care providers about their plans for student program(s) if our schools close early due to weather or other emergencies.

For many of our students, school is the safest place to be during inclement weather. In many cases, both parents and/or guardians work outside the home. Schools provide a warm, supervised environment for children. However, parents are always encouraged to consider the conditions of their neighborhood and the well-being of their students in deciding whether to keep their student home. Students are excused from school when parents so request.

Thank you for your continued support of Bend-La Pine Schools students and staff. We appreciate you all.