New Tools for School Bus Riders

Families Can Opt Into New Reader Cards

Article Date: Aug 31, 2018

New this year, Bend-La Pine Schools families will be able to opt into a system that will allow them track when their child enters and exits the school bus with the new Radio Frequency Identification Device cards (RFID).

Participating students will receive a unique card embedded with a chip. Students will scan their RFID cards when entering and exiting the bus. The scanner will log the location and time of entries or exits. Parents can view this data using the MyStop app.

Interested parents or guardians can fill out the RFID consent form.

Upon completion, parents can drop off the form with their student's school or with the Transportation Department between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Questions? Contact 541-355-5700

More About MyStop

With Bend-La Pine Schools My Bus Stop, parents, guardians and students know where their school bus is and what time it will show up at their home stop — all from a smart phone, mobile device or computer.

Bend-La Pine Schools My Bus Stop graphically displays the school bus's location on a map, as well as the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to your student’s bus stop. The school bus's location is automatically updated and the ETA is recalculated to accommodate any delays due to traffic while in route.

Bend-La Pine Schools My Bus Stop is available as either a web application or as an app for iPhone and Android smartphones. The web application allows users of other devices, including personal computers, to access the information via a web browser.

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