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Crews Continue Clearing Snow From Roofs

Jan. 13 Update: School-Specific Inspections, Removal Updates

Article Date: Jan 13, 2017

100 staff members and contractors continue to clear more than 2 million square feet of roofs

Maintenance crews continue to work around the clock to clear snow from more than 2 million square feet of roofs across Bend-La Pine Schools. More than 100 staff members and local contractors will be at school sites today clearing roofs of schools and facilities.

Structural engineers and staff also continue to inspect facilities and roofs throughout the district. The attached document shows their progress to date. This document will be updated daily on our website until work is complete.

This concerted effort to clear snow will allow for further roof assessment at all schools and will prepare the facilities for school to resume as soon as possible.

“Our maintenance crews have been working round-the-clock for weeks to remove snow from roofs and our facilities. While the work is demanding, it is truly a labor of love for our staff,” said Mike Tiller, Executive Director of Facilities for Bend-La Pine Schools. “Our maintenance crews love these facilities and are giving this effort their all.”

One creative Bend-La Pine Schools maintenance staff member used his know-how with metal to create nine roof rakes. Finding roof rakes had been a challenge in town, so Bill Ziegenbein figured out a way to create the devices in house.