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Whoa! Unlocking Clues to Learning

Video: Fourth-Graders Team Up to on Innovative Project

Article Date: Sep 29, 2016

Fourth-graders at RE Jewell Elementary School recently teamed up to take on an unusual task during class. The students formed teams and solved clues to unlock six different locks on a box. Bend-La Pine Schools' Instructional Technology Coach John Craft created the lessons, which allow students to work together and collaborate to solve the complicated clues.

This particular box was Star Wars themed and students used technology, music-reading skills, map-reading and deductive reasoning to solve each clue and unlock the locks. Craft worked with teachers to create additional boxes that are aligned with English Language Arts curriculum.

The boxes are a great way for students to work together, have fun and think outside the box (while trying to break into one!)

Check out video of students at work here: