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iPad News and Check in Dates

Key Info on Repairs, Backing Up and More

Article Date: May 28, 2016

iPad News for 2015-16 School Year

Schools will soon begin the process of collecting iPads from students. Find your school's check in dates below. In addition, each school will be sending out a separate communication with important steps to take in the process. The documents linked here provide information on how you can help your student prepare his or her iPad for collection and how to back up work. It is very important that any damage to the iPad be immediately reported to the school. Additionally, all students are responsible for returning their charging block and cord in good working condition.

Back Up Resources

Visit this website to learn more about backing up iPads

End of the Year Tips

  • Students should get iPads fixed before June 1; do not wait until the check in date to get the devices repaired.
  • Turn in district-issued cords and bricks along with iPads

Learn more details here.

iPad Check in Dates

Contact your school for details or questions about check ins.

Elementary Schools:

  • Amity Creek: June 13
  • Bear Creek: June 9
  • Buckingham: June 14
  • Elk Meadow: 5th grade June 3; 4th grade June 6; 3rd grade both days
  • Ensworth: June 14
  • High Lakes: 4th grade June 7; 3rd and 5th grade on June 10
  • Highland: June 8
  • Juniper: June 14 and June 15
  • La Pine: June 13 and June 14 (tentative)
  • Lava Ridge: 5th grade June 10; 3rd and 4th grade June 13
  • Pine Ridge: 3rd and 4th grade June 13; 5th grade June 6
  • Ponderosa: June 6-10
  • RE Jewell: June 9-10
  • Rosland: June 14
  • Silver Rail: June 7-8
  • Three Rivers: 3rd to 5th grade June 3; 8th grade June 8; 6th and 7th grade June 10
  • Westside Village: June 15 (tentative)
  • William E. Miller: June 13-15

Middle Schools:

  • Cascade: June 8 and June 9
  • High Desert: 6th grade June 3; 7th grade June 7; 8th grade June 9
  • La Pine: June 6-8
  • Pacific Crest: June 8-10
  • Pilot Butte: 7th grade June 2; 8th and 6th grade June 9
  • REALMS: June 15
  • Sky View: June 13-14

High Schools:

  • Bend Senior High School: Seniors June 8-9; juniors June 13; freshman and sophomores June 10
  • La Pine High School: Seniors June 3; all other grades June 15
  • Marshall: Seniors June 6; all other grades June 8
  • Mountain View: Seniors June 2; sophomores June 10; freshmen June 13; juniors June 14
  • Summit: Seniors June 6-8; all other grades June 13-16