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Cascade Librarian Receives Statewide Honor

Amy Wilde Earns Oregon Library Association's 'You're Excellent Award'

Article Date: Apr 26, 2016

Amy Wilde, a teacher librarian with Cascade Middle School, was recently recognized for her outstanding work with teenagers in a library setting. The Oregon Young Adult Network, which is a subset of the Oregon Library Association, gave Wilde its OYEA award, which stands for OYAN You're Excellent Award. The award is given to individuals, programs, libraries, organizations or initiatives that have "made a positive and significant contribution to teens in libraries in the state of Oregon."

Cascade Middle School Principal Stephanie Bennett nominated Wilde for the award and offered a glowing recommendation with many examples, including this: "She is great at organizing school-wide events that the students and staff love. I have seen her read Dr. Seuss in her airline outfit like they are riding on a plane, I have seen her create a seminar on archery when 'Hunger Games' came out, and I have seen her dress up in 'Divergent' clothes to get the students excited about reading. Those are only a few examples. She has a way of connecting to students that is extremely powerful and welcoming."

Congratulations on the award Amy Wilde and thanks for all you do for students!