Celebrating Classified Staff Appreciation Week

Check Out Stories From Seven Outstanding Classified Staff Members

Article Date: Feb 22, 2016

The week of March 7-11 is Classified Staff Appreciation Week. Bend-La Pine Schools has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to classified staff. Our support staff provides a wide range of services. Classified staff members drive our buses, make and serve our meals, answer the phones and greet visitors, assist with technology, keep our books, serve as education assistants in our classrooms and so much more.

Thank you, classified staff members, for all you do to help students thrive!

Last year we honored seven classified staff -- also known as support staff -- for their excellence and dedication. We want to share the stories of these employees, as we believe they are great examples of the best Bend-La Pine Schools has to offer.

(These employees were honored through our Excellence in Education awards. If you would like to nominate an exceptional Bend-La Pine Schools employee, please do so using this form.)

Chad Brewer, District-Wide Support for Information Technology

Quote about Chad: "Chad is always thinking ahead and trying to make things work better and smoother ... What he does is done mostly behind the scenes and even though he doesn't work one-one one with kids, his work directly affects kids and teachers on a daily basis."

Chad's thoughts on his work: "I try to make sure that people feel well-supported and listened to. I try to keep it in the back of my mind: Everyone is a person and everyone wants to be listened to."

Kent Child, Future Center Coordinator at Summit High School

Quote about Kent: "Kent has proven over and over again her commitment to individual student success, through her direction in our Future Center. She is a creator of opportunity!"

Kent's thoughts on her work: "My favorite part is working with the kids and seeing their eyes light up with the possibility of what they can do."

Patsy Cockrum, Media Specialist at Ponderosa Elementary School

Quote about Patsy: "Patsy is the kind of person who serves everyone else, expects nothing in return and values people as individuals ... The Ponderosa students anxiously await their turns to have library passes to spend their lunch recesses in the library. She makes the library the center and heart of the school."

Patsy's thoughts on her work: "I think my role is to help promote and foster a love of books and a love of learning in our students to make the library a really positive place to go and be. I also want to be a good support for teachers and I do whatever I can to help them with their jobs."

Donnie Emerson, Adapted PE Educational Assistant

Quote about Donnie: "On several occasions stories of support regarding Donnie from parents and staff have left us in tears. He has the heart for kids and treats them as his own.

Donnie's thoughts on his work: "I like the little successes. You know, it's always two steps forward and one step back, but I love those two steps forward. I love when a kid finally realizes they can do something they hadn't been able to before."

Patti Evans, Office Manager at Amity Creek Magnet at Thompson School

Quote about Patti: "Above all, Patti considers the children her No. 1 customers and this is so apparent in the love and care she takes with each and every child. In my 43 years in education, I've never worked with someone as dedicated as Patti Evans."

Patti's thoughts about her work: "I comfort students when they are hurt and calm them down. Sometimes they come in and play office with me. They visit with me, share stories and tell jokes with me. I try to offer comfort, a friendly face, love and support."

Georgie Hanson, Educational Assistant at Bend Senior High School

Quote about Georgie: "Georgie is a talented, committed and creative educator who leads with her heart before following up with a one-two combination of effort and creativity. This woman is knocking down barriers for our most at-risk students on a daily basis.

Georgie's thoughts on her work: "I'm almost 70 years old. I would go 'til I'm 100 if I could."

Jeff Sawyer, Custodial Foreman at Three River School

Quote about Jeff: "Jeff goes above and beyond in his interactions with the kids, sitting with them, helping them with their lunches, singing 'Happy Birthday,' publicly recognizing good behavior and supporting them through their emotional ups and downs. It is obvious to anyone watching that he cares deeply about these kids."

Jeff's thoughts on his work: "I give these kids a positive role model. They see me here every day, taking care of their school so they have a nice place. If they get out of hand, I tell them how it should be. They see me as another person who is part of their lives. I am part of them. I am here to take care of them and make their lives better."