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Policies & Regulations in Review

Bend-La Pine Schools appreciates community feedback on proposed changes to a policy or regulation. Comments are accepted for two weeks following the initial review date.
To provide comment on any of the policies or regulations in review, please use the Policies in Review Public Comment form.

View 2022-23 Policy & Regulation Adoption Summary

View 2021-22 Policy & Regulation Adoption Summary

Currently in Review

Policy / Regulation
* Summary of Recommended Changes & Review Date
* Public Feedback and District Response will only be linked if feedback was received
IGAC-AR: Treatment of Religion in SchoolsRevisions provide guidance when recognizing religious customs or beliefs in school settings as language updates to reflect current district practices and processes regarding student speech and dress, teaching and learning, celebrations and decorations.

Language specific to employment has been removed as it is addressed in GBA-BP: Equal Employment Opportunity.

IKFB-AP: Graduation RequirementsNew Administrative Policy

HB 2052 (2021) regarding Tribal Regalia was passed and became law, ORS 329.451(14) and recognizes and allows for American Indian / Alaska Native students to wear their tribal regalia or items of cultural significance at graduation and at other public-school ceremonies.

IKFB-AR: Wearing Items of Cultural Significance in Graduation Exercises New Administrative Regulation

Regulation helps define culture appreciation and who to work with at each school with any questions in partnership with IKFB-AP.
IGBHAB-AR: Choice Options Schools and Programs

Updated to align with current Choice Option application practices.

IGBHAB-AR was presented in January 2022 and continues to be in review.

Approved & Adopted

Policy / Regulation
* Summary of Adopted Changes & Date of Adoption
* Public Feedback and District Response will only be linked if feedback was received
BSL-1: Monitoring Superintendent PerformanceRecommend deletion of BSL-1. Language is now incorporated into revised version of CBC-BP. Deleted 10/2023.
CBC-BP: Supervision & Evaluation of the SuperintendentUpdates include language and process for monitoring the Superintendent’s performance that was previously described in BSL-1: Monitoring Superintendent Performance. Renamed from AP to BP
JB-AP: Equal Educational OpportunityHB 3041 (2021) revised the statutory definition of sexual orientation and created a new definition for gender identity. HB 2935 (2021) added an aspect to the definition of discrimination in ORS 659.850 for race that includes physical characteristics historically associated with race.

Policy language has been updated to reflect the new definitions, and also includes district requirement of complaint process communication and access.
View public feedback.
KCA-AR: Volunteers / Criminal History Records Check

Updates include grammatical corrections and the removal of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption documentation required for volunteers as previously required by Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

No public feedback solicited as the updates made align with current laws, regulations, district practices, and procedures.
KK-AR: Visitors to District FacilitiesUpdates include grammatical corrections and the removal of exceptions to mandatory check in and out during school events to align with current visitor practices and procedures.