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What type of cleaning/sanitization protocols will custodial/facilities and teaching staff be using to keep our schools clean and disinfected?

Routine cleaning and disinfecting are an important part of reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Surfaces frequently touched by multiple people, such as door handles, desks, phones, light switches, and faucets will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment in our schools will require a collaborative effort between all school and district staff. Our custodial teams at each school will focus on the overall cleaning and disinfecting of the school throughout their work shifts, but they will need the help and support of all staff with cleaning high touch areas throughout the day. Our custodial and facilities staff will be using a combination of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting to keep our schools clean and safe.

All staff will perform regular cleaning of their spaces (using approved district cleaning agents) between multiple student or staff uses of their space. Computer labs will be cleaned with district approved cleaners between cohort uses, and allow for 10-minute dwell time before reuse. Classroom computers will be cleaned with district approved cleaners between uses, and allow for 4-minute dwell time before reuse.

Click here for the BLS COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols.

If COVID-19 metrics worsen, will schools return to all Comprehensive Distance Learning?

At any point throughout the 2020-2021 school year, the instructional model could change depending on our county’s COVID-19 metrics, guidance from health officials, or restrictions put in place by the Oregon Department of Education. Our teachers and staff are prepared to quickly make the switch, if necessary. In the event of an outbreak, Bend-La Pine Schools will coordinate with the local health authority for any outbreak response, and will report to the local health authority any cluster of illness (2 or more people with similar illness) among staff or students. In addition, BLS will ensure continuous services and implement Comprehensive Distance Learning. If one or more schools are closed, the Short-Term Distance Learning or Comprehensive Distance Learning models will be implemented for all staff/students. The district will continue to provide meals for students.

How will my student with special needs be accommodated with social distancing protocols in place?

Some students with significant disabilities require 1:1 support, and need assistance from staff with feeding, washing, dressing, academic readiness, sitting at a desk, manipulating academic materials, using communication devices, etc. In order to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, it is important to minimize close contact to the extent possible; however, when it is not possible, the use of additional precautions and protective equipment is required.

Classroom space and recommendations in the district’s Operational Blueprint Management Plan ensure that there are adequate levels of staffing available to effectively and safely deliver and support in-person programming for the number and needs of students with disabilities assigned to a self-contained autistic support classroom while maintaining distance and limiting interactions.

Staff will be prepared and properly trained to accommodate students’ health and safety needs in addition to their education, and will adhere to all health and safety guidelines when providing hands-on assistance to students with disabilities. Staff will wear appropriate protective equipment and engage in appropriate practices based on the activity and risk level.

All school personnel will be mindful that seeing staff putting on protective equipment or being approached by staff wearing protective equipment can create anxiety in some students. They will always use a student-centered approach and offer reassurance upon approach and throughout interactions.

Upon the reopening of school for the 2020-21 school year our priority is to complete pending initial and reevaluation assessments for students in special programs. School Psychologists will have a plexiglass dividers and wear a mask during testing sessions.

Why aren’t all special needs students being allowed back in-person? They need that one-on-one support.

All K-3 students are slated to be back in-person in a hybrid model beginning Oct. 5. Further, limited in-person instruction for 4-12 students will commence on Oct. 5th. Limited in-person opportunities for students are based on student need and school teams will assess and determine which students will utilize limited in-person instruction. The ODE guidance explicitly states that schools should not offer or suggest limited in-person instruction based solely on disability, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. The guidance also notes that student participation in limited in-person instruction must be voluntary and cannot be a required element for any course or grade. That said, we anticipate that students with IEP services will be offered limited in-person instruction, as well as other groups of students based on need.

My student has a high-risk medical condition. What’s the best option for us?

Families should consult their child’s health care provider to discuss the appropriateness of students with high-risk medical conditions attending school for in-person instruction. Parents of students with disabilities who are more susceptible to infections may want to choose the Bend-La Pine Schools Online option to educate their child at home.

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