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Pilot Butte Middle School

Pilot Butte students collaborate in classroom

Bond Updates

June 2019:

  • Building B and D are currently under construction. Classrooms are being gutted and modernized. New roofs are being installed on Buildings A, E and F this summer. Schematic designs are underway for Building C, the final phase of the project. Construction is slated to start summer 2020.

March 2019:

  • Building B is currently under construction and Building D will be under construction this summer, with completion slated this fall.

October 2018:

  • Secure lobby complete
  • Phase 1 (science classrooms & cafeteria) construction mostly complete
  • Phase 2 (Bldg B & D) in design development
  • Temporary fencing up

May 2018: Work begin during spring break on the science classrooms and a new secure lobby for the gym, as well as security improvements and a heated staircase. The rest of the work will begin when school is out for summer.

At Our School

Total Estimated Project Cost: $15.2 million.

Pilot Butte Middle School will receive an extensive, campus-wide modernization for the school.

Modernize instructional spaces

The bond will fund the modernization of the entire school, which was built more than 50 years ago.

Safety improvements

A new secure lobby will be constructed and the perimeter will be secured. A heated driveway and heated stairs to the gym will be installed.

Maintenance and preservation

Roofs on buildings B, E, F and the locker room will be replaced. Siding on Buildings A and D will be replaced and repaired.


New technology includes modernizing HVAC controls, installing ceiling projector mounts, installing key card access for exterior doors and modernizing wireless wiring.

Pilot Butte before and after stage Pilot Butte before and after classroom Pilot Butte before and after entry Pilot Butte before and after classroom

Home of the Giants

Pilot Butte Middle School

1501 NE Neff Road
Bend, OR. 97701

Opened 1968


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