2017 Construction Bond

June 2020 construction at Caldera High School

June 2020 photo shows construction underway at Caldera High School.

Latest News - Construction in Progress

CAldera High School

  • Summer 2020 update: Construction is moving along this summer, with some areas of the building and site are in final stages, including the Career and Technical Education labs, classrooms, fitness room, student entry, weight room, track, field, bleachers and more. The roof is going on over the gym and walls are going up around the school's theater. A good portion of the concrete slab is complete for other portions of the building.
  • About this project: The new high school, strategically sited where overcrowding issues are the greatest, will meet current and anticipated future classroom shortages caused by decades of enrollment growth. It will be a two-story school which will include approximately 59 classrooms, including several Career and Technical Education classrooms; a 600-seat auditorium; a library as a central focal point of the school; collaboration space throughout the school; a football stadium and other sports fields; and two secure main entries. The school is on track to open in the fall of 2021 and will help alleviate overcrowding at the high schools in Bend.

Pilot Butte Middle School

  • Summer 2020 update: Phase 3 of construction is underway, which involves Building C. The first portion will open in the fall, with the other slated to open over winter break. Once complete, the entire school will have been modernized.
  • About this project: Pilot Butte, a 50-year-old school, is receiving a full, campus-wide interior modernization. The project is being done in phases and includes new secure lobby, new roofs on several buildings, new technology and more. Phase 1, which is complete, included modernization of Buildings E and F. The office was relocated to create a secure lobby and the science classrooms are modernized. The music classrooms were leveled out to create a more accessible and better learning environment.

Bend Senior High School

  • Summer 2020 update: The site for the new building has been cleared and foundation work is beginning. The building is slated to open in fall of 2021.
  • About this project: Some instructional spaces within Bend Senior High School, which was built in 1955, will be modernized. The first phase of the master plan for the school will take place with funds from the 2017 construction bond. A new master plan for Bend Senior High School has been developed - the first phase of which will be build with funds from the 2017 construction bond.

Juniper Elementary School


  • Summer 2020 update: The slab for the gym is being poured and walls are slated to begin going up by the end of June. The sidewalks and ramps throughout the campus will also be rebuilt to add heated sidewalks and make the entire campus more accessible. The gym is slated to be done by Thanksgiving; the campus accessibility project will be done by fall 2020. The school's secure lobby will also be in place by fall 2020.
  • About this project: The school, which is one of the oldest in Bend-La Pine Schools, will receive a new multi-use instruction space and a new kitchen (see rendering above). The project will also include new roofs for several buildings, energy efficient windows, new technology updates, a secure lobby and more.

La Pine Middle School

  • Summer 2020 update: The science classroom update is underway and the new flooring is in place; the construction is slated to be done by fall 2020.
  • About this project: An existing science classroom will be converted to a wet science classroom; ADA improvements will be made throughout and carpet will be replaced with tile.

Amity Creek Magnet at Thompson School


  • Summer 2020 update: The school is currently stripped down to the studs, with bare concrete as construction on the school-wide modernization begins this summer. The construction is slated to be complete in December 2020.
  • About this project: The school, which was built in 1949, will receive its first comprehensive modernization. The interior will be modernized (see rendering above) and the school will receive a new roof. Seismic upgrades will also take place, funded by a grant.

High Desert Middle School

  • Summer 2020 update: The site has been cleared and foundation work is beginning. The new gym is slated to open for fall of 2021. Crews are in the process of replacing LED lighting throughout the school and the locker rooms will be updated, both of which will be completed by fall 2020.
  • About this project: A new auxiliary gym will be constructed at High Desert on the southeastern corner of the building.

Other projects

  • Paving and accessibility improvements: Mountain View High School.
  • Roofing: Summit High School and Bend Senior High School (auditorium).

Up Next

The following projects are current in design or planning, with construction slated to begin in 2021.

  • Bear Creek Elementary School: The school will receive a new stand alone cafeteria space, allowing the existing space to be used as a gymnasium full time. Construction is slated to begin in spring of 2021.
  • R.E. Jewell Elementary School: The school will receive a new stand alone cafeteria and kitchen, allowing the existing space to be used as a gymnasium full time. Construction is slated to begin in spring of 2021.
  • Ensworth Elementary School: The school will receive a new boiler and classroom fans.
  • Cascade Middle School: The existing shop will be transformed into an exercise room; the art room will be modernized and lockers throughout the school, which are original, will be replaced.

Completed Projects

The following bond projects are complete.

Additions and New Schools

  • North Star Elementary School - construction of new elementary school in north Bend
  • Bend Tech Academy at Marshall High School - Two new Career and Technical classrooms and a new gymnasium

Major Projects

  • Pilot Butte Middle School - school-wide modernization; Phase 1 and 2 are complete, Phase 3 is underway

Interior Modernization Projects

  • Lava Ridge Elementary School
  • Elk Meadow Elementary School
  • La Pine Elementary School

Additional Bond Projects

  • Roofing projects at the following schools: Bend Senior High School, Mountain View High School, Bear Creek Elementary School, Pilot Butte Middle School, La Pine High School.
  • New secure lobbies at schools throughout the district.
  • Paving and accessibility updates at schools throughout the district.

Bond Details

In May 2017, the voters of Bend-La Pine Schools approved a capital construction bond in the amount of $268 million dollars.

School bond projects will increase student and staff safety, improve access to school sites, and address chronic overcrowding through upgrades and updates made to schools and classrooms throughout the district.

About the Bond

Provide Neighborhood Schools in Students sitting at benches with their hands raisedHigh-Growth Areas:

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Construct one elementary school and one high school to meet current and anticipated future overcrowding caused by decades of continuing enrollment growth[1].

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Maintenance and Preservation at Existing Buildings:

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Nearly half of the District’s schools are more than 30-years-old, and projects are proposed to modernize these facilities. The bond funding would allow the District to replace leaking roofs and windows, and upgrade heating, ventilation, electrical, and plumbing systems. The bond would also allow the District to make money saving energy improvements to boilers, HVAC and lighting systems to many of its schools and facilities.

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Classroom Additions and Modernization:

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Many of the District's classrooms were constructed decades ago. The bond would allow the community to add and renovate classrooms and support spaces at existing schools; including modernization of instructional spaces for science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and physical education.

A picture of a school construction siteSafety and Technology Improvements:

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Make health and life safety upgrades including cameras, intercoms and entrance redesign to provide improved visibility of visitor access. Improve technology wiring and cabling to ensure students throughout the district have equal access to technology resources.

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[1] October 1 Historical Enrollment, Julianne Repman, Oct. 1, 2016