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Welcome to Bend-La Pine Schools!

Dr. Steve Cook

Note from Our Superintendent

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year in Bend-La Pine Schools! I am truly honored and humbled to serve as Superintendent for our community of 33 schools, more than 17,500 students and 2,100 staff members.

Learning is at the center of everything we do, whether that’s helping a kindergartner understand the sounds that letters make or coaching a senior who is mastering the skills to become a professionally certified welder.

While academic learning is key, we know that just as important is developing our students’ character and supporting them to become kind, thoughtful humans who engage with the world around them. Our staff members are committed to holding students to high expectations, while also caring deeply about them as individuals.

Highlighted inside this year's annual Family Calendar & Handbook (English version, Spanish version) are students whose stories showcase the tremendous power within our school communities where students can grow and thrive.

I invite you to turn the pages of this calendar which showcase examples of students who exemplify these ideals. We asked them to share their passions and interests in their educational pursuits.

For Mountain View High School senior and Student Body President Honey, it’s the impact she can make to improve the culture and environment for her peers. School libraries are sacred places for Elk Meadow third grader Donovan and Realms Middle School student Simone.

Jerett, a seventh grader at Three Rivers, loves learning Spanish, which helps him explore his Mexican heritage and converse with his grandmother. Fourth grader Isaac can’t wait to explore the world through the STEM-based experiments offered at Buckingham Elementary. And at La Pine High School, senior Daegan finds his passion in the arts and the community that accompanies it.

Seeing these students and hearing their responses is a wonderful reminder of the power of public education and the role our schools play in creating and nurturing environments that inspire and support students to achieve their dreams.

Thank you for your support as we head into this new year with a sense of optimism, excitement and renewed sense of purpose.

In partnership,
Dr. Steve Cook
Bend-La Pine Schools, Superintendent

School Board Ends


The Bend-La Pine Schools Board of Directors, in collaboration with the Superintendent and District Leadership, has established Board Ends to provide a common set of goals that guide the work of the district. Measures are defined to ensure that the best available evidence is used to report progress on these goals.


Every student in Bend-La Pine Schools is known by name, strengths, and needs, and graduates ready for college, career and community engagement, and life.


Outcomes and Experiences

1. Students are engaged and develop a strong academic foundation as measured by the following, overall and for historically underserved subgroups:

a. Mastery of English Language Arts (ELA) & Math foundational knowledge and skills by the end of 1st Grade, as measured standardized assessments

b. ELA, Math, & Science proficiency rates in 3rd-8th grades, as measured by the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS)

c. ELA and Math growth rates in 4th-8th grades as measured by the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS)

d. The percent of 9th graders on track for graduation, as measured by credit attainment toward graduation requirements

e. The percent of students designated as English learners that are on track to acquire English proficiency, as measured by Oregon’s English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA)

f. Efficacy of academic programs, as measured by surveys and/or focus groups

2. Students have a passion, purpose, and plan for their future as measured by the following, overall and for historically underserved subgroups:

a. The percent of high school students who graduate in four years, who graduate in five years, and who complete high school in five years

b. The percent of graduates who earn a diploma plus complete at least one of the following career and life indicators:

i. Two or more credits of Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or college credit eligible coursework

ii. Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy

iii. Two years of Junior ROTC

iv. CTE Concentrator (Two or more credits in a program)

v. Meets the college readiness benchmark for both language arts and mathematics on high school OSAS, ACT, or SAT assessments

vi. Meets automatic admission requirements for all Oregon Public Universities

c. Students’ preparedness for their future, as measured by surveys and/or focus groups

3. Students, families, and staff experience wellness, inclusion, and belonging in our schools as measured by the following, overall and for historically underserved subgroups:

a. Student, family, and staff experiences of key elements of school culture (including voice, belonging, and emotional/psychological wellness), as measured by surveys and/or focus groups

b. Bias incident data and trends

4. Operational systems align and support an academically effective and sustainable organization.

Updated and Adopted: 10/11/2022

About Bend-
La Pine Schools

Our Size

  • 5th largest school district in Oregon
  • 33 schools, plus two charter schools
  • 17,500 students
  • 2,100 staff members (Second Largest Employer in Central Oregon)
  • 1,600 square miles make up the Bend-La Pine Schools attendance area


  • More than 1,200 Students Graduated From Our High Schools in 2021
  • $8 Million in Scholarships Was Earned By the Class of 2019
  • Average SAT score is 57 Points Higher Than the State Average
  • 1,100 New Kindergarteners Started School This Fall
  • 34 Languages are Spoken by Bend-La Pine Schools Students
  • 20 Class of 2019 Members Earned Seal of Biliteracy on Their Diplomas

Our Staff

  • 82 percent of our teachers hold a masters degree or higher
  • $53,182 is the average new-hire teacher salary
  • 5 years is the average experience of our new teachers
  • $64,166 is the average teacher salary
  • 13 years is the average experience for our teachers
  • Home to: Oregon's Elementary Principal of the Year; Oregon's High School Principal of the Year; Oregon's Teacher of the Year; Oregon's Art Teacher of the Year; Oregon's School Nurse of the Year; Oregon's Journalism Teacher of the Year; Oregon's Culinary Teacher of the Year; Oregon's Athletic Director of the Year; a Presidential Award Winner for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching and many other state and national award winners.

Additional Information

  • More than 6,500 students are transported to school each day by our bus drivers.
  • More than 15,000 meals are served to students each day by the Nutrition Services team.
  • 2.21 million square feet of school building space is managed by our maintenance team.
  • For the 39th consecutive year, the district received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association and for the 38th year, the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Association of School Business Officials.
  • 27 percent of students are enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
  • Community members spent more than 56,000 hours hosting events in our schools.