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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my child receive their iPad?

iPads will be distributed at each of our school sites to all Kindergarten - 12th grade students. In general, elementary school students will receive iPads after school has started during the school day. Many middle and high school students may receive iPads at events prior to the start of school. For additional information, contact your school.

Will the district charge a fee for the device my student uses?

No, there is no fee.

Will students need the internet to use the device at home?

No. While it may be easier to do some work with access to the internet, students will be able to download most information they need onto their device to work on at home.

Can personal apps be installed on the iPads?

No. Access to the App Store for students is restricted. Instead Apps are available to students via our Self Service system. Apps in the Self Service system are requested by teachers and are reviewed via a third-party organization to insure privacy levels and management of student data adhere to the expectations of Child Online Protection Act (COPA) and the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

How can students and parents monitor screen time?

Students and parents/guardians are able to use the Screen Time iPad settings. Students will find the data informative about how they use their school iPad. They can use the settings to get a clear picture of what apps they use the most, where they spend the most time, and even how often they pick up their device during the day. To learn how, please visit our iPad Management webpage.

As a parent/guardian, what control do I have of the device at home?

At home the parent/guardian is in charge. You have the right to make the rules as to when the student can use the device at home.

Can parents/guardians use the device?

While the devices are meant for student use, we encourage parents to explore and learn alongside their students. We also encourage parents to check the devices on a regular basis to see how their students are using them.

What if my child needs tech support? Who do they ask for help?

iPad Troubleshooting webpage.

What happens if my child's iPad is lost, damaged, stolen, etc.?

Bend-La Pine Schools reserves the right to require full payment of a new iPad if a student or any member of a student's family loses the iPad, causes deliberate, malicious, and/or negligent damage to the iPad or contributes to or is involved in the theft of the iPad. Without insurance the repair of an iPad will be $150. Full replacement of any iPad costs $299.

Will students be able to keep the device at the end of each school year?

Students will be allowed to keep their iPads through the summer months. This decision was made to both promote safe social distancing and to provide students with a device to continue learning opportunities over the summer.
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Can students purchase their devices?


What should I do if I find one of these devices out in the community?

Please contact 541-355-1000 if a device is found. Thank you!

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Tech Support

Having trouble?

iPad Troubleshooting webpage.