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Digital Citizenship

Technology in the classroom

Preparing Students for the Future

Engaging students in 21st Century learning requires teaching them responsible behavior when using technology - proper care of their device, legal use of content, establishment of an online presence, online safety and cyberbullying prevention.

At Bend-La Pine Schools we strive to provide our students with the skills to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly in a digital world.

To ensure that technology is used in a safe, positive and responsible manner, we utilize the curriculum and lessons from Common Sense Media to teach digital citizenship concepts, which include:

  • media balance and well-being
  • privacy and security
  • digital footprint and identity
  • relationships and communication
  • cyberbullying, digital drama and hate speech
  • news and media literacy

Internet Filtering

The purpose of internet filtering is to ensure that inappropriate websites and content are not accessible within our schools. When an iPad goes home, or to any other location, and connects to the internet, content will be filtered to the same levels as those in our schools. Websites are put into categories, which in turn are divided across the filtering levels. Categories such as guns, alcohol, drugs, adult, gambling as well as other are blocked. Despite having millions of websites categorized, it is possible that a website may be uncategorized or may have been categorized incorrectly. If students encounter a website that should be blocked, they should notify a staff member immediately so steps can be taken to have that site re-categorized.

Learning about the iPad

Students and parents can learn about the basic functions of the iPad and essential apps that are used in most of our classrooms by visiting our iPad help webpage.

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