Technology in Our Schools

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21st Century Skills

At Bend-La Pine Schools, we believe schools must address the challenges of today and align with what students need to know in the 21st Century. Careers demand not only digital skills, but also the ability to work collaboratively and creatively and engage in independent research — all skills that are enabled and enhanced by technology. To help achieve this goal, we issue all of our students in grades 3 thru 12 an iPad for student use. Our research and pilot projects with iPads led to conclusions that digital learners are engaged learners and that expanded use of technology provides tools for staff to better meet the unique needs of their students.

Effective use of technology leads to creative and innovative experiences inside the classroom and helps enable students to become critical thinkers, collaborators and communicators, global learners and digital citizens.

What to expect in the classroom

High quality teaching is the number one influence on student learning. Our use of technology allows educators to level the playing field and provide every student with access to resources and the opportunity to develop the skills they need.

There will be times that iPads will be utilized exclusively for a project, times when iPad will blend with traditional methods and times when the iPad is not used at all. The goal is to provide students with a balanced assortment of learning options that best enhances their education.

At each level - elementary, middle, and high - technology is used and relied upon in different ways depending on the class, the assignment, or the learning goal.

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Elementary School

Below are just some of the ways iPads and other technologies might be utilized to enhance learning in our classrooms.

Reading - Starting in third grade, students will begin interacting with digital texts along with traditional text. During reading instruction, students will use the Wonders digital curriculum that includes enhanced digital methods for interacting with the text including the ability to highlight, search key terms, adjust font sizes, copy and paste and have the text read aloud. Students can also download digital books from our online library to their iPad. Interaction with digital content does not replace interaction with traditional texts, but instead enhances instruction and provides more resources for teachers.

Writing - Beginning at the elementary level, students are introduced to Google Docs. This word processing tool allows students to collaborate and receive feedback with their teacher and with classmates. Students can also access their Google Doc files from any device at any location.

Math - In addition to having access to different online math tools, students might also use an app to demonstrate their understanding of math concepts. Students will have access to a digital math program that supports and aligns with our Bridges math curriculum.

Coding and Computer Science - Elementary students are introduced to coding. Coding helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.

Middle School

Pacific Crest Middle students use ipads

At the middle school level, the iPad is an integral part of how students access information and complete assignments. In language arts, students use their iPad to access a program that provides explicit writing instruction through a combination of writing process and skill lessons. Students can engage with a variety of media, read a wide range of texts, annotate digitally, listen to audio recordings, watch video clips and provide peer feedback on each other's work.

Below are just some of the ways iPads and other technologies might be utilized to enhance learning in our classrooms.

Math - In math, students use a free digital math curriculum downloaded to their iPad that allows students to take notes within the text with or without an internet connection.

Social Studies - Curriculum for middle school social studies is accessed on the iPad and provides students with interactive features not available in the traditional social studies text including maps, videos and audio excerpts.

Science - Our students have access to Amplify Science, a digital curriculum that blends hands-on investigations with interactive digital tools that allow students to create, write and think like real scientists and engineers. Many of our middle schools also use Vernier scientific probes and tools so that students can collect real-time data on their school iPads.

Computer Science - Students are given the opportunity to enroll in computer science class, which use coding curriculum to prepare students for high school computer science electives.

High school students using ipads

High School

High school is when students begin making the connection of how technology is related to all the things they want to accomplish.

They will use their iPad to access digital curriculum, seek out information and demonstrate their understanding of a topic. Students use their devices to stay organized and on track. Students might experience blended classes that utilize a mix of traditional and digital approaches.

Some students will access online courses, including those offered by the Bend-La Pine Online program.

In general, high school students are well on their way toward adulthood and begin to utilize technology to help achieve their educational or career goals.

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Learn more about technology in our schools by visiting our Digital Citizenship and iPad information webpage.

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Standards for Students

The International Society for Technology in Education has created a framework for educators, students and administrators around the ethical use of technology and its use in classrooms.

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