Summer Learning

Our choice board activities for our K-8 students focus on creative projects that incorporate many different skills and content areas. The goal is to provide a mixture of online and offline activities that spark creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Students should be able to complete these projects and activities independently, but we encourage parents to play a supporting role with their students by helping them extend their learning, make connections, and ask the question “what’s next?”

In addition to our choice board projects, students have opportunities to practice their math and reading skills with two online programs. Over the summer, K-5 students have access to the Lexia reading program and K-8 students have access to the Dreambox math program. Additionally, all students will have access to Sora, our online library. We encourage parents to help create a daily schedule with their child that balances skill practice with the open-ended choice board projects.

To assist parents with managing iPads over the summer, information is available on our district website. There you will find information on screen time, settings, and app management. We encourage parents to read the information on this site and familiarize themselves with the ways to best manage iPad use. If any additional support is needed during the summer, our district Help Desk will be available at 541-355-8700, to help troubleshoot hardware issues, connectivity, or student account issues.

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K-8 Summer Learning

Parent Tools

K-8 Summer Learning

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Please call our family support line at 541-355-8700 between the hours of 8AM and 4PM. A phone tree will direct you to select your school, then direct you to someone who can help!