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Middle School Math

In the Bend La Pine middle school years our mission for mathematics is to prepare students to be highly successful in their high school math courses. The mathematical focus during the 6th through 8th grades is primarily on proportional reasoning including, but not limited to ratios, rates, percentage, proportions, equations, integers, scaling, transformations, linear relationships and equations, functions, data literacy as well as probability.

All our teachers are using Desmos Math Curriculum which combines online interactive learning with student notebooks for taking notes and doing practice problems. If you would like to learn more about the curriculum check out this video provided by Amplify, the parent company of Desmos.

Middle School Math Desmos

The overview for each grade is as follows:

Oregon’s experience in mathematics is consistent with what is happening across the nation. In many career sectors, the demands of the 21st century workplace have shifted away from a focus on knowledge of mathematical concepts and procedures toward the application of mathematical tools, the modeling process, and communicating with mathematical reasoning.

If you and/or your student are considering bypassing a math grade in middle school I encourage you to read the following research on tracking of students and teachers.