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Middle School Instruction

Pilot Butte journalism students

What to Expect in the Classroom

High quality teaching is the number one influence on student learning. Our use of technology allows educators to level the playing field and provide every student with access to resources and the opportunity to develop the skills they need.

There will be times that iPads will be utilized exclusively for a project, times when iPad will blend with traditional methods and times when the iPad is not used at all. The goal is to provide students with a balanced assortment of learning options that best enhances their education.

At each level - elementary, middle, and high - technology is used and relied upon in different ways depending on the class, the assignment, or the learning goal.

Below are just some of the ways iPads and other technologies might be utilized to enhance learning in our classrooms.

At the middle school level, the iPad is an integral part of how students access information and complete assignments. In language arts, students use their iPad to access a program that provides explicit writing instruction through a combination of writing process and skill lessons. Students can engage with a variety of media, read a wide range of texts, annotate digitally, listen to audio recordings, watch video clips and provide peer feedback on each other's work.

Math - In math, students use a free digital math curriculum downloaded to their iPad that allows students to take notes within the text with or without an internet connection.

Social Studies - Curriculum for middle school social studies is accessed on the iPad and provides students with interactive features not available in the traditional social studies text including maps, videos and audio excerpts.

Science - Our students have access to Amplify Science, a digital curriculum that blends hands-on investigations with interactive digital tools that allow students to create, write and think like real scientists and engineers. Many of our middle schools also use Vernier scientific probes and tools so that students can collect real-time data on their school iPads.

Computer Science - Students are given the opportunity to enroll in computer science class, which use coding curriculum to prepare students for high school computer science electives.

A Time of Transition

Students in middle school have unique needs and require special attention during their transitional years. These students vary in physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional development.

To meet these needs, middle schools strive to provide high academic expectations for all students, to develop positive attitudes toward learning and future readiness and to transition successfully between elementary and high school.

With this in mind, the middle school curriculum includes core areas of instruction including reading, writing, speaking, listening, math, science, social studies, health and physical education. Additionally, students are able to explore a variety of elective offerings including music, technology and the arts and are encouraged to learn, explore and create.

Instructional Standards

The middle school core curriculum focuses on the basics of reading, speaking, listening, language, writing, math, science, social studies, physical education and health. Additionally, students in middle school have the opportunity to take a variety of elective offerings that expand creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication experiences.

Our schools follow the Common Core State Standards for math and English Language Arts.

English Language Art State Standards

Math State Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

Social Studies Standards

School Design Plans

All of our schools have developed School Design Plans to establish goals and help our students achieve academic excellence, become thriving citizens and develop future ready skills. Each school has a unique plan tailored to its community, culture and story.

Contact local schools to learn more about their stories and School Design Plans.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Our middle schools offer the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to establish positive school cultures. This is a framework that schools can tailor to meet the needs of their communities and to help create safe, positive and caring school cultures.

Contact schools for specifics about the programs offered.

About Our Middle Schools

Many of our schools offer rigorous, comprehensive academic options to middle school age students, including La Pine Middle School, Pacific Crest Middle School and Sky View Middle School. Several of our middle schools offer different education programs for students. These include:

Expeditionary Learning

REALMS is a grade 6-8 magnet school focuses on Expeditionary Learning (EL Education). Students are admitted through a lottery process each spring.

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

Pilot Butte Middle School is an International Baccalaureate World School offering the IB Middle Years Programme. All students attending the school are part of the IB offerings.

Spanish Dual Immersion Program

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, High Desert Middle School will offer a Dual Immersion Spanish Language program as a strand within the school. The program is a continuation of the Bear Creek Elementary School DI program.

Talented and Gifted

Cascade Middle School houses the district's Talented and Gifted program as a strand within the school. Students must be identified as TAG to join the program.

Students in middle school have unique needs and require special attention during their transitional years.

Grading Practices

Learn more about our grading practices.