Balanced/Hybrid Learning

Hybrid/Balanced Learning Details

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Sept. 15 letter from Superintendent Lora Nordquist:

Thanks to the preparedness of our teams, and the ever improving COVID-19 health metrics for Deschutes County, we are in a position to phase in our BALANCED/hybrid model, bringing your Kindergarten, first, second and third (K-3) grade students back to the classroom beginning October 5.

We are excited about the opportunity to bring smaller groups of K-3 students back to safe, healthy classrooms in the weeks to come.

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Why bring back K-3?

Oregon Department of Education has a different health metric standard for students in K-3 to return to in-person learning versus older students. According to ODE, this is because “Younger students get the virus at lower rates, get less sick when they get COVID-19 and may spread the virus less than older children or adults. Younger students also need access to in-person instruction to build literacy and numeracy skills critical to their continued learning.”

Read more FAQs about balanced/hybrid and in-person learning for grades K-3 on our FAQ site.

Sept. 23 School Board Meeting, including information about school reopening plans.

Sept. 15, School Board Meeting, including decision to offer in-person education to K-3 students.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be addressing frequently asked questions from our community, staff, students and families.

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