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U.S. History

Priority Standards

HS.47 Explain how political and economic power dynamics throughout time have influenced cultural identity and environmental characteristics of various places and regions.

HS.53 Explain how power and privilege influence where people live and how they interact with their environment at the intergroup and institutional levels and how they have been affected.

HS.65 Identify and analyze the nature of systemic oppression on ethnic and religious groups, as well as other traditionally marginalized groups, in the pursuit of justice and equality in Oregon, the United States and the world

HS.69 Create and defend a historical argument utilizing primary and secondary sources as evidence.

HS.70 Identify and critique how the perspective of contemporary thinking influences our view of history.

HS.71 Construct arguments using precise claims, integrating and evaluating information provided by multiple sources, diverse media, and formats, while acknowledging counterclaims and evidentiary strengths and weaknesses.

HS.72 Construct explanations using sound reasoning, correct sequence (linear or nonlinear), examples, and details with significant and pertinent information and data, while acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of the explanations given its purpose (such as validity, value and limitation, cause and effect, chronological, procedural, technical).

HS.74 Analyze an event, issue, problem, or phenomenon, critiquing and evaluating characteristics, influences, causes, and both short- and long-term effects.

HS.76 Propose, compare, and evaluate multiple responses, alternatives, or solutions to issues or problems; then reach an informed, defensible, supported conclusion.

HS.77 Engage in informed and respectful deliberation and discussion of issues, events, and ideas applying a range of strategies and procedures to make decisions and take informed action.

Adopted Textbooks

America Through the Ages textbook cover

America Through the Lens: Nat Geo Learning, Cengage 2019

The American Vision textbook cover

The American Vision, Glencoe 2006

America's History textbook cover

America's History, Henretta, Hinderaker, Edwards, Self
Bedford St. Martin’s

The Americans' textbook cover

The Americans by McDougal Littell via HMH ibook

Common Supplementary Materials

  • Choices Program, Brown University
  • Facing History & Ourselves
  • Read Like a Historian, Stanford
  • History Education Group
  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Tribal History, Shared History lessons