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Inter-District Transfers

If you would like to transfer your student into Bend-La Pine Schools and live outside of the district, please contact your resident school district to begin the transfer process. Transfers across district lines require permission from both districts.

General Inter-District Transfer Information

Students who live in the boundaries of other school districts may request transfer into BLS schools, and students who live in the BLS district may ask for permission to attend schools in other districts. There are state laws that govern the inter-district transfer process. Generally, inter-district transfer decisions are made in the spring for the following school year.

Some things to know about inter-district transfers

  1. Students who move during the school year to a home located in a different school district may automatically remain in their current school through the end of the school year. However, if they wish to remain in their former school district for the following year, they do need to receive both a release from their new resident district and approval from their former resident district.
  2. Students who wish to transfer to a different district for the first time must also receive permission from both districts.
  3. Transfer priorities and deadlines vary between districts. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible in both districts to avoid missing deadlines.
  4. Foster students and families experiencing homelessness may be exempt from inter-district transfer rules. Please visit our Foster Care website or contact your resident district to learn more.
  5. If both districts agree to the transfer, your student may enroll in your requested school next year.
  6. If either district does not agree to the transfer, your student will have to attend school in your resident district.
  7. Transfers into BLS remain in effect through the highest grade of that educational level. For example, if a child is given permission to attend an elementary school beginning in second grade, the family does not have to ask again to remain in that school. The family does need to make a new request to attend a BLS school for sixth grade.
  8. Families always have the right to return to their home school in their resident district.

Inter-district transfer resources

JECB-AP: Admission of Non-Resident Students

School Transfers

Are you looking for information on how to transfer to another school within the Bend-La Pine Schools district?

Please visit our Attendance Area Change Request process webpage for more information.