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High School Choice Options Enrollment Request

2020-2021 School Year - Current School Year

The 2020-2021 school year Interest List, for any available spots in the current 2020/21 school year is OPEN.

To complete an Interest List application for one of the high school choice options, fill out the following form:

Current Bend-La Pine Schools students: Connect with current school counselor and start the conversation there.

Out-of-district students: Contact the school of interest directly:

2021-2022 School Year - Next School Year

The 2021-22 school year lottery period for Realms High School, Skyline High School and Bend Tech Academy at Marshall is OPEN.

The High School Open Application period is from Monday, January 4 to Friday, March 19 @ 3:00 p.m.

Applications through the Interest List received after March 19 will be filled on a first come, first served basis should any spots remain.

Realms High School

Principal: Roger White
Enrollment: Admitting up to 220 students in grades 9-12
Information Sessions: Wednesday, March 3rd @ 6 p.m. Join via Webex HERE
Tours: TBA
FAQ: 2020/21 Information Night FAQ Document

About The School: Realms is a small, tight knit, and academically rigorous learning community. Our mission is to ignite the passion, build the academic skills and foster the character students need to be leaders of change.

Academics: At Realms, our academic approach brings rigorous academic content to life through interdisciplinary learning expeditions focused on real world topics and problems. These learning expeditions lead students beyond the classroom walls and into the field where they collect data, participate in service projects, interact with experts and apply their classroom learning in real world settings. Students build the academic content knowledge and master the discipline-specific skills needed to create and present high-quality culminating projects. Students explore themes of social justice, environmental sustainability and learn to become leaders of change.

Culture and Character: Students understand that character growth matters as much as academic growth. As a member of the EL Education network of schools, we emphasize teamwork, courage, determination, compassion and service to others. Through a class called "Crew" we help students take ownership of their learning and engage them in creating a school where all students feel a strong sense of belonging, community and pride.

Students at Realms High School will graduate with the academic skills necessary to excel in college, the hands on experience needed to thrive in careers and - most importantly - the character and mindset needed to tackle the most pressing problems facing our communities and planet!

Contact: The Realms High School website

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Skyline High School

Principal: Mike Franklin
Enrollment: Admitting up to 220 students in grades 9-12
Information Sessions: Thursday, March 4 @ 6 p.m. Join the Webex presentation HERE

About The School: Skyline is an innovative learning community. At Skyline, the principles of Self-Determination - Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness - serve as the foundation of our community. These principles led us to a new twist on the traditional Three Rs - Rigorous, Relevant, and Radical.

Finding a good fit:

  • Rigorous: Our students develop competence with regular, deliberate practice of academic skills and real-world problems. This work culminates with Intersessions, which are week-long deep dives into projects that include outdoor adventures like rock climbing and canoeing: artistic experiences like writing songwriting and creating murals: and academic challenges like writing and scientific inquiry.
  • Relevant: We know that learning is meaningful when students have a clear purpose. Through more personalized learning and blended-learning options, students at Skyline experience a great deal of autonomy in their learning. Students are encouraged to pursue their passions and work on internships and other interests outside of school.
  • Radical: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of a "Radical Revolution of Values" where "we must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society." At Skyline, we put these words into practice. Innovation begins with community and community is the heart of Skyline. Our advisory program teams students with staff members, who then serve as mentors for the students. This program is designed to help students develop skills such as teamwork, perseverance, self-discipline, focus, confidence and organization.

Contact: The Skyline High School website

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Bend-Tech Academy at Marshall High School

Principal: Sal Cassaro
Enrollment: Admitting up to 200 students in grades 9-12
Information Sessions: Tuesday, March 2 @ 6:00 p.m.

About The School: Bend-Tech Academy at Marshall High School recently completed construction to add two new career and technical education classrooms and a new gym and locker room space. Students have access to several high-skill career pathways, in addition to opportunities to earn college credits. Students receive individualized support from teachers, as well as a school counselor and school-to-career coordinator, who strive to ensure all students are college and career ready upon graduation.

The five new pathways include:

  • STEM Engineering - robotics and automation, alternative energies and solar design, 3D printing and laser engraving, biotechnology and more.
  • Construction Technologies - finish carpentry, electrical skills, blueprint design, roofing, cabinet making, green construction, and more.
  • Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship - principles of marketing, entrepreneurship, business marketing and management, and more.
  • Health Occupations - health occupations, anatomy, medical terminologies, and more.
  • Military Science

Finding a good fit: Our staff is dedicated to helping students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in postsecondary education and/or a career. Bend Technical Academy at Marshall High School also offers multiple work-based learning opportunities for all interested students either through internships, community service, or other community-based work programs.

Contact: The Marshall High School website

Current School Year

2020-2021 School Year

Interested in a Choice Options High School school?

If you are a current Bend-La Pine Schools student, please connect with the counselor at your school and start the conversation there.

If you are out-of-district, please contact the school of interest directly:

Guidelines and Details

Learn more about the guidelines and other details visit our Choice Options webpage.

Neighborhood Schools

Bend-La Pine Schools offers robust programs at our neighborhood schools. Discover your neighborhood school through our Attendance Areas web page.

Parents wishing to send their children to a non-magnet school in another attendance area must fill out an Attendance Area Change Request form by March 1.

Transportation & Athletics

Students attending choice option high schools can use school bus transportation to travel to their neighborhood high school and then transfer to a bus to their choice option high school.

After school, students can ride the bus back to their neighborhood schools to participate in activities and athletics.

More information about school bus transportation can be found on the school bus website.