Comprehensive Distance Learning: High School

The schedule and format may differ for students attending our small choice option high schools. Contact your school for details.

  • En Español
  • School begins September 14, 2020
  • No extra steps to enroll if your child will continue in the school they ended with last year. New students can register online or contact their school for information.
  • Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) will take place in all schools for at least the first six weeks of the semester (through October 23), at which time the format will be re-evaluated depending on county and state health metrics. A decision will be announced on October 12 to continue with CDL or transition to a hybrid CDL/in-person format.
  • All students will receive a school-issued iPad. Families needing internet connectivity should reach out to their schools for assistance.

Schedules & Format

High school schedule

  • Download the schedule by clicking on the image.
  • Students will have no more than five classes on which to focus over a six-week period.
  • Students experience the same amount of instructional time over the course of the semester. The main difference is students will have fewer classes for each six week period.
  • Consistent weekly schedule.
  • The schedule format will be consistent throughout the year, even if we are able to transition to some in-person instruction.
  • iPads will come equipped with Canvas, the learning platform for 6-12 grade students. Students will also use WebEx for live instruction with teachers and social interaction with peers.

Student Learning Day

  • Students will be engaged in teacher-facilitated learning Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Live Instruction

  • Students have live WebEx meetings every day (Monday/Thursday morning, Tuesday/Friday afternoon) additional meeting times will be scheduled by teachers as needed. These are fixed schedule, live, teacher-directed and interaction focused sessions where students are "in class".
  • Students will typically be "live on WebEx" for 30-45 minutes of each class period.
  • If a student is unable to access the live lesson, content will be available by the end of the teacher workday through Canvas, our learning management system.

Additional Instruction

  • Asynchronous or additional learning will be available two to three hours per day. This is a flexible schedule, student-directed time. Students will complete readings, assignments, projects, discussion boards and may also be working on group projects etc.
  • Teachers will be available to support learning during each class period.


  • Wednesdays will focus on extensions, enrichment, incompletes from spring of 2020, interventions and social emotional supports. Some students will have live, synchronous instruction, others will work on asynchronous work to complete. Academic enrichment and supports will occur during the above schedule.
  • Some classes, including but not limited to performing arts and International Baccalaureate offerings, may choose to host short study or practice sessions on Wednesdays.
  • Teachers will communicate with families if students need to attend a live session on Wednesdays. Period 1: 9 to 9:40 a.m.; Period 3: 9:40 to 10:20 a.m.; Period 4: 10:20 to 11 a.m.; Period 6: 11 to 11:40 a.m.; Period 7A: 11:40 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.

Classes & Electives

  • PE opportunities from school-based teachers on online. All electives will be offered.
  • All dual college credit, AP and IB classes will be offered.

Grading, attendance and assignments

  • Students will have required work in all courses daily.
  • Attendance will be taken based on virtual participation.
  • Grades and credit will be given.
  • Grades will be updated every two weeks. The end of the grading period is 10/23. Please check ParentVue for your child’s grades.
  • Progress grades will be assigned every six weeks with a final grade at the semester.


  • Each school will have a team whose priority is outreach to families. These teams may include FAN advocates, nurses, counselors, Latino Family Liaisons, as well as other staff. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your school for support!
  • The district will provide additional support for ninth-graders at all schools, helping them to connect with the school and classmates.
  • Counselors will help students flesh out or make changes to class schedule prior to the start of school.
  • Teachers are able to answer student questions and provide feedback daily through Canvas and interactions on WebEx.
  • Teachers are available to families for questions or concerns. Teachers will also have regular office hours, which are a great time for students and families to connect.
  • English Language Learners, students receiving special education services, students receiving academic interventions will receive additional support from school staff. Families can learn more by connecting with school staff.
  • Every school has a Family Connection team that will ensure regular communications and support happens between school staff and families.
  • Culturally-responsive lessons focused on equity and inclusion.
  • Social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons will provide mental health support to students during this challenging time.


  • High school summer athletic workouts will continue through September 11. Beginning Monday, August 31, all athletes will be required to register for their sport on FamilyID and have a current physical on file at their school. There will be no pay-to-play fees for season 1 (fall).
  • The Bend-La Pine Schools’ athletic programs will pause from September 12 through September 27 for the successful start to comprehensive distance learning. We are tentatively planning a September 28 OSAA season 1 start date, based on our district’s move to limited in person instruction. A firm decision on opening season 1 will be made September 3.

School Meals

Bend-La Pine Schools will continue to provide access to meals, but details are still in progress and will be communicated when finalized.

The State of Oregon has expanded access to free-and reduced-lunches, so be sure to check online if your family qualifies.