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Information Update

Feb. 1: All families enrolled in District CDL should have received an email communication from Bend-La Pine Schools that included key survey information about your student on Jan. 29. If you did not receive that email, please contact us: 541-355-6505

UPDATE: Bend-La Pine Schools to offer new District Comprehensive Distance Learning option.

Bend-La Pine Schools is pleased to announce the launch of the new District Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) option - bringing the number of learning options for students and families to three for the 2020-21 school year: All-in for grades K-3 or Balanced/Hybrid for grades 4-12, Connected for students in grades K-12; and the new District CDL, which pairs local students with local teachers for daily instruction, much like the current CDL model being used in classrooms today.


  • Targeted to begin the week of February 8.
  • Students can access live instruction via WebEx, daily;
  • Students will have opportunities to build community with district teachers and other classmates across the district, through cohorting;
  • Cohorts will be made up of a mix of students from throughout the district, who are learning at the same grade level;
  • Students will have access to supports such as special education, English language services, and counseling;

This new model brings students from across the district together and pairs the cohort with a regular teacher for instruction. Students will stay with this cohort for the duration of the school year, building comradery and consistency in relationships and instruction.

This learning model is being made possible thank to new federal stimulus funds, passed through the state, which will allow us to hire staff.

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Daily Schedules Available

schedules at a glance

Find detailed daily schedules for each grade level, as well as more details about the academic day by clicking on elementary, middle or high school details below.

Comprehensive Distance Learning Basics

The following are components that families and students can expect from Comprehensive Distance Learning:
• Student learning happens five days per week
• A consistent weekly schedule of learning provided by the teacher(s)
• A balance of live and not-live learning
• Daily live connections to teachers
• A focus on care, connection and positive relationships with teachers and peers
• Attendance and participation are expectations for each student
• High academic standards and expectations with opportunities for additional academic support
• Report cards, letter grades and opportunities for regular feedback from teachers
• Transition years will receive connection opportunities (K, 6, 9)
• Elementary school Music and Physical Education
• Middle and High School elective courses
• Special Educations services, Section 504 accommodations English Language Development services
• Access to well-child health visits and other primary care needs at school-based health centers
• Access to school meals
• Access to internet connectivity
• K-12 iPads for students
• Technology Help Desk support for families 541-355-8700

Guiding Principles

Truly effective schools, whether in face-to-face or distance learning environments, support the needs of ALL learners by making evidence-based, high impact instruction a consistent and common thread that connects all classrooms. Bend-La Pine Schools strives to provide all students an equitable and meaningful school experience by using these as our guiding principles:

  • Connections to Families and Students: Teaching and learning are most successful as a partnership between schools, students, and families.
  • Engaging Curriculum and Deeper Instruction: Instruction has a clear focus on priority standards that support coherent and meaningful learning.
  • Learning Intentions and Success Criteria: Students know where they are going in their learning, why the learning is important, and what counts as quality work.
  • Collaboration Among Students: Students have frequent opportunities within instruction to talk, share work, and engage with each other.
  • Evidence of Student Learning: Teachers use discussions, tasks and activities that provide clear evidence of each student’s learning
  • Feedback that Moves Learning Forward: Students receive actionable and positive feedback that provides them with specific next steps to move their learning forward.
  • Students as Owners of Their Learning: Instruction supports and builds toward students understanding, regulating, and monitoring their own learning.

Contact Us

Staff are available to answer questions about District CDL.

  • 541-355-6505

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be addressing frequently asked questions from our community, staff, students and families and will note when each answer was provided.

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