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Football players on field with coach

See below for the Bend-La Pine Schools 2020-21 Middle School Athletics Plan.

As we receive updated information from our governing bodies, information pertaining to middle school sports and registration will be posted to this page.

We appreciate your patience.

Important Announcement

Updates regarding 2020-21 sports seasons will be posted here once they are available. Below is the most recent communication dated October 2020.

As we end the first six weeks of the school year, we wanted to provide an update in the development of athletics in our state and district. The Oregon State Athletic Association (OSAA) recently updated and released continued plans for high school athletics & activities in the upcoming seasons. With COVID-19 presenting many challenges, Bend-La Pine Schools remain committed to providing access and opportunity for student athletes in middle schools. With our schools continuing in distance learning those challenges and philosophical ideals remain moving targets. While our middle schools are in distance learning the athletic directors have been discussing changes to the athletic calendars and how to best confront these challenges as we move forward into the 2020-21 academic year.

Bend-La Pine middle school seasons largely follow our high school seasons. With the OSAA adjusting all seasons into shortened time frames at various times of the year our regular middle school athletic seasons have adjusted as well.

As middle school season 1 (August 31-December 27) continues through the fall and early winter we partnered with Bend Parks and Recreation to hold skill/drill camps in football, expanded opportunities in volleyball, and cross-country camps. The sport of basketball continues to be a prohibited full contact sport under Oregon Health Authority guidance, with training and conditioning only being allowed. Taking this into consideration the decision has been made to continue in the direction of skill/drill camps with Bend Parks and Recreation for boys’ basketball in the immediate future. Registration for the boy’s camps are currently on going and will begin at area middle schools in early November.

Girls basketball and wrestling currently remain scheduled in their time period of January 4 – February 12. If we need to make adjustments to these seasons this will be discussed in November. We continue to remain optimistic that the prohibitive middle school sports of basketball, football, and wrestling will be reconsidered but have yet to hear of any timeline on this.

Middle school season 3 (February 22 - April 9): Season 3 will be the spring sport of track and field.

Middle school season 4 (April 19 - May 28): Season 4 will be the fall sports of cross-country, football, and volleyball.

COVID guidelines will definitely present many challenges with some of our sport offerings. Our

ability to offer full contact sports, transportation, large team sizes, large event sizes, etc. will be affected. We very well could be forced into competitions that will be held completely within our school district. The ever-changing landscape of academics and athletics in our state and district will continue to evolve as guidance around these issues are updated. With the safety of our athletes, coaches, and families being our number one priority, we will continue to adjust accordingly to guidance around the challenges we continue to face.

We hope this update provides a bit of clarification on the direction of middle school sports opportunities. With many decisions still under consideration for upcoming seasons we will do our best to keep you up to date with pertinent information. Thank you for sharing your athlete with us and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact your school athletic director.

Welcome to Cascade Athletics!

Students will find a connection to athletic activities in which they can participate and find enjoyment during their middle school years. We encourage parents to actively support their children in both their academic and athletic pursuits.

New Schedule for the 2020-21 Year (Updated October 2020)

Season 1 - August 31 - December 27 (BLPS partnered with Bend Park & Recreation to hold skill/drill camps and opportunities in football, volleyball and cross country for the 2020 fall middle school season)

Season 2 - November 9 - February 12 (Winter Sports)

  • Wrestling - boys and girls of all grades may participate (season is traditionally scheduled to start in January)
  • Basketball - boys and girls basketball registration is through Bend Park & Recreation (BPRD). The boys league is traditionally scheduled to start in November, but was canceled for 2020. Registration for boys skills and drills camps as an alternative to the league is now open. Girls basketball registration through BPRD is currently closed. The season traditionally starts in January, but at this time the season is tentative. Check the BPRD website for the most current information and registration details regarding this program.

Season 3 - February 22 - April 9 (Spring Sport)

  • Track and Field - boys and girls of all grades may participate

Season 4 - April 19 - May 28 (Fall Sports)

  • Cross Country - boys and girls of all grades may participate
  • Football - 7th and 8th grade
  • Volleyball - 7th and 8th grade
  • Note - 6th grade football and volleyball registration is through Bend Park & Recreation (BPRD)


The following three steps must be completed before your athlete will be eligible to participate in practices and events for the 2020-21 school year. REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS.

1. Register online through FamilyID - Please complete this step FIRST so your athlete is on the roster. FamilyID is a secure, user-friendly online registration platform that allows parents to enter information once for multiple family members and athletic teams.

2. Pay the $40.00 Athletic Participation Fee online through TouchBase, our preferred secure online payment system. If you wish to apply for an athletic scholarship, please complete the form and return it and the payment to the main office prior to the start of the season. Click here to download Scholarship Application.

    • Refunds may be requested from the athletic secretary within the first two weeks of practice if the athlete drops the sport. After the first two weeks refunds will only be issued in the event of illness or injury. No refund is available if an athlete becomes ineligible due to grades or behavior.

3. Make sure the main office has a current sports physical on file. All athletes need a current sports physical on file before the first day of practice.

    • OSAA Sports Physical Form - English / Spanish (Part 1 is to be completed by the guardian and Part 2 is to be completed by a Medical Provider)
      • 6th and 7th graders - sports physical must be dated May 1, 2020 or later
      • 8th graders - sports physical must be dated May 1, 2019 or later

Sports physicals are required for all 6th grade students competing in Bend-La Pine Schools athletics. Please note that Bend Park & Recreation District (BPRD) may have different requirements. Students who continue to participate in extracurricular sports after 6th grade must complete a physical exam in grades 7, 9, and 11, or if this is their first time participating with a Bend-La Pine Schools team. All physicals must be completed prior to the first day of practice, but not before May 1st of the summer prior to the start of the current academic year.

    • Need a Physical? Click here for medical providers in the community.

Practice and Scheduling Info

Season 2 Sports (Wrestling and BPRD Basketball)

  • First Practice - TBD
  • Regular Practices - TBD
  • Schedule - TBD

Contact the coach directly if you have specific questions related to your athlete and the sport. Contact info is provided in the table below.

Parent Volunteers

If you would like to help as a volunteer with our athletic programs, please email the coach of the sport you're interested in volunteering for to verify you have met the eligibility requirements.

Attendance Eligibility

Bend-La Pine Schools require students to attend school ALL day on the day of an athletic event (excluding an absence due to a doctor or dentist appointment) or they will not be allowed to participate.

Busing is provided to events in Bend during the school week, but parents/guardians are responsible for their athlete's transportation home after the event. For events OUTSIDE of Bend during the school week, busing is provided TO and FROM the event (i.e., La Pine and Redmond).

Winter Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Wrestling Head Coach: Mr. Collins

Spring Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Track Head Coach: Mr. Lizza - Boys
Head Coach: Ms. Boon - Girls

Fall Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Cross Country (6th, 7th & 8th)

Head Coach: Ms. Morris
Asst. Coach: Ms. Boon

Football — 7th Grade

Head Coach: Mr. Broaddus
Asst. Coach: Mr. Lyons

Football — 8th Grade

Head Coach: Mr. Collins

Volleyball — 7th Grade
Head Coach: Ms. Lyons

Volleyball — 8th Grade

Head Coach: Ms. Thomas

Other Sports

Other sports not available as a school sport at Cascade Middle School (such as 6th grade football, 6th grade volleyball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, baseball and tennis are offered through Bend Park and Recreation District (BPRD) or other club organizations.

Middle School Athletic Philosophy

We believe that athletic participation provides a unique opportunity to fulfill man of the personal, social and physical needs common to middle school youth. Participation in appropriate competitive athletics increases an individuals’ sense of personal worth, self-discipline, respect and fair play, which can carry over into daily problem solving through life.

Coaches, teachers and parents have a shared responsibility to help guide, nurture and support youth in developing the confidence, skills and attitudes that will enable hem to make good choices on and off the playing fields.

Through dedication, effort and practice, our youth will develop athletic skills determination and attitudes that will contribute to personal success as well as team goals. Our goal is to develop lifelong learners who enjoy and participate in a variety of healthful activities.

Central Oregon Middle School Athletic Policies

Bend-La Pine Schools' middle schools compete with other middle schools in the Central Oregon areas. All Central Oregon middle schools use the guidelines outlined by the C.O. Middle School Standard Operating Procedures for Athletics. These procedures are available in the counseling office.

Code of Conduct

Any student who participates in school-sponsored athletics or activities must agree to abide by the School District Board Policies, Administrative Rules, Code of Conduct, building rules, and team participation/training contracts. All students who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities are expected to be positive role models for other students and members of the community. Students should demonstrate good conduct at school and in the community at all times.
  • Bend-La Pine Schools require students to attend school ALL day on the day of an athletic event (excluding an absence due to a doctor or dentist appointment) or they will not be allowed to participate. Athletes are also expected to be in school on time at 7:45am the day following an athletic event.
  • Violations of school rules and or behavior issues may result in the temporary or permanent suspension from the athletic team.


Athletic Director:
Mr. Collins

Athletic Secretary:
Ms. Spreier