Cascade Middle School

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Welcome to Cascade Middle School Activities!

Our school offers a wide range of activities and clubs for students to help them pursue their interests and passions.

Mountain Time

Mountain Time is a 30-minute period of time separate of lunch designed to give students time in school to get help, complete homework, make up work, or redo quizzes, test, and assignments. Our teachers supervise tutorials, study halls, and work sessions for students.

There are clubs available during this time for students who are caught up on all their work. These include Chess Club, Gardening Club, WEB, Sparrow Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball Club, Robotics, and many more.

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Activity Advisor Contact
National Junior Honor Society
Erica Dietz

W.E.B (Where Everyone Belongs)

Michelle Beaudreau
Amy Wilde



Sparrow Club

Carrie Deaver


Robotics Club

Melody Craig
Matea Haugen

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