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Spring Registration Closes for all Athletics Sunday March 12th!!!

Athlete Practice Clearance Requirements:

1. Register for selected sport/activity on Caldera FamilyID page

2. Have a current physical on file in athletics office

3. Pay $100 participation fee & and clear all school fines

Additional clearing for competition will be completed when rosters have been completed and finalized. Athletes need to have passed 2.5 credits in the previous semester and be satisfactorily progressing toward graduation to be cleared for competition. In certain instances a students GPA could also be a factor in determining eligibility.

Home of the Wolfpack!

Caldera High School strives to provide an athletic program that is a source of pride for our school and community. Through sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork, we will instill the qualities of being champions at life. Competing with our highest level of effort in the athletic arena is a priority for our athletic department, but learning valuable lessons beyond the fields and courts through participation in sports is the ultimate goal.

Caldera offers a variety of athletics and activities where students are welcome to a variety of experiences. Student athletes will have opportunities to develop teamwork, commitment, discipline, leadership, work ethics, grit, sportsmanship and sacrifice. The pressure to “win the game” is not placed above education, character development, academics, social/emotional, physical, and ethical well-being of the student-athlete.


As a member of the Oregon School Activities Association, we remain committed to providing a positive environment for students, coaches, officials, and spectators. Athletics are a part of the educational experience that emphasizes fairness, respect, ethics, and good citizenship. As you support Caldera Athletics, please keep in mind that educationally-based high school athletics are friendly competitions grounded in sportsmanship and fair play. Positive comments, encouragement, and cheering for our teams are great ways to show support. Negative comments, taunting, berating, and booing opponents, coaches, and officials will not be tolerated as this will challenge the values we seek to teach our youth.


We look to our opponents, officials, and stakeholders as complements to how hard we play, the way we go about our business, and how we conduct ourselves. Entering the field of play, during the course of competition, and how we leave the game, will define our respect of the sport, the opposing school, officials, our community, and ourselves. Demonstrating sportsmanship at the highest level is of the utmost importance. We have been given an amazing opportunity in athletics to represent ourselves, families, school, and community. We will remain committed to keeping this in mind while we grow together.

Welcome to Caldera!

Play the Caldera Way!

Caldera High School Facility Features:

Outdoor athletic facility include: two natural grass baseball & softball fields complete with outdoor hitting facilities, a natural grass soccer field, and artificial football/soccer field, and multiple practice fields. In addition, the outdoor facility consists of 8 tennis courts, restrooms, concessions, and storage facilities.

Indoor facilities include two gyms with a main floor and upper floor that will accommodate various indoor athletics and activities. Additionally, a state-of-the-art weight room, fitness loft, class/film room, and wrestling/fitness room is included. All locker room facilities are housed in the main building with large and small team rooms complimenting a main physical education locker room.

Athletics Registration:

Parents of high school students wishing to participate in athletics should register using FamilyID. FamilyID is a secure, user-friendly online registration platform that streamlines the application process and allows parents to enter information once for multiple family members and athletic teams.

The three steps to register for sports are:
1) Complete online registration through FamilyID. Please do this first.
2) Pay the participation fee online (see Paying for Sports below).
3) Have a current sports physical on file in the Athletic Office. Upload physical to FamilyID registration, email physical to Mrs Michaud, or bring a hard copy to athletic office.

Please email physicals and other OSAA documents to Mrs. Michaud


January 29th - 2023 Sprint Sports online registration opens....Family ID

February 24th - Registrations due by 3:00 PM to ensure athletes will be cleared for tryouts on February 27th

February 27th - First Mandatory Practice / Athletic Office Closed

*You can email a physical to Caldera's Athletic Secretary

Family ID

NCAA Eligibility Rules

Paying for Sports

Cost is $100 per OSAA sport. Payments can be made through Touchbase.....CLICK HERE TO PAY.

Scholarship forms are available in the Athletic Office.

Bend La Pine Schools has a $300/year family cap for OSAA Sport participation fees.

Spring Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Baseball Mr. Williams Schedule
Golf -Boys Mr. BronkeySchedule
Golf - Girls Mr. Norris
Softball Mrs. Kienzle Schedule
Tennis - Boys
Mr. Cruz Schedule
Tennis- Girls Mr.Collier Schedule
Track & Field Mrs.Richardson Schedule
Fall Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Cheer Mrs. Hanson
Cross Country Mrs. Richardson
Dance Mrs. Kenmille Schedule
Football Mr. Mitchell
Soccer - Boys Mr. McCool
Soccer - Girls Mr. Myers Schedule
Volleyball Mrs.Rudloff Schedule

Winter Sports Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Alpine Ski Mrs. Levine Contact Us
Basketball - Boys Mr.Cruz Schedule
Basketball - Girls Mrs.Bradbury Schedule
Swimming Mrs. Meskill Schedule
Wrestling Mr. Kalugin Schedule

Club Sports

Sport Coach Phone, Email, Schedule
Contact Us
Equestrian Mrs. Campbell Contact Us
Contact Us
Nordic Mr.Dumais Contact Us
Water Polo Mr. Pool & Mr. Hatch Contact Us


Students who participate in extracurricular sports must have a current sports physical on file in the athletics office. Sports physicals expire 2 years from your appointment date and need to be renewed on a 2-year cycle. We encourage you to complete your physicals between school years to avoid expiration during your sport season.

Please be sure to print out the OSAA School Sports Pre-Participation Examination form:

English or Spanish

Take it to your child's sports physical appointment. When you have completed the sports physical, please turn it in to the school athletic department.

Wellness Check

As an advocate for your children, we hope that parents of athletes and non-athletes alike will also consider an annual Wellness Check – a complete medical examination and screen for common health issues – annually.

Wellness Check visits are vital to your child’s healthy growth and development. Physicians suggest adolescents should have regular wellness visits to make sure they are developing at the expected pace and continue to remain healthy.

During these visits, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your child’s growth, development, behavior and other health issues with the goal of preventing illness and promoting the best possible health for your student.

We encourage you to consider discussing the possibility of adding a Wellness Check to your next sports physical, with your physician.

Note: If you choose a Wellness Check in place of a physical, you must complete the physical form with your physician to be eligible for OSAA athletics. The form is available in your school’s athletics office and in the link above.

Code of Conduct

Any student who participates in school-sponsored athletics or activities must agree to abide by the School District Board Policies, Administrative Rules, Code Of Conduct, building rules and team participation/training regulations. All students who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities are expected to be positive role models for other students and members of the community at all times. This signed contract shall be in effect at all times during the contract period. “At all times" means 24 hours a day, every day of the week whether at school or away from school. The contract will be in effect from the beginning of the OSAA calendar (see OSAA website for each years start date) and conclude with the last day of high school.

Athletic Eligibility

To be eligible for athletics/activities student/athletes must be enrolled full time. Full time enrollment is considered a minimum of 2.5 credits/semester. OSAA requires passing 2.5 credits in the previous semester and being on track to graduate at the beginning of the school year in determining individual academic eligibility. Being on track to graduate at the start of the school year is hitting the following accumulation of credit benchmarks: 10th grade - 4.5 completed credits, 11th grade - 11 completed credits, and 12th grade 18.5 completed credits. In certain instances a students GPA may also be used in determining eligibility.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8am - 4:30pm

Contact Us

Athletics Director:

Mr. Williams


Athletics Secretary:

Mrs. Michaud




Athletic Trainer:

Blake Kious


Unforeseen changes can occur daily and on short notice. We will do our best to keep everyone informed when changes occur. Team schedules, league standings, OSAA rankings...Keep yourself up to date on Caldera athletics @ Caldera @OSAA.