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Applying to college and for financial aid and scholarships can feel daunting. We can help.

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Scholarships are available through a variety of sources.

The college you plan to attend will have both merit and department scholarships available. The BSHS Future Center compiles a list of national, state, and local scholarships that can be found on the Bend-La Pine School District (BLPS) scholarship list (see link below). Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) offers 450+ scholarships with one application. National search sites such as Fast Web, and Sally Mae give you the ability to search for thousands of scholarships. Select the "Scholarship List" link below for a list of national, state and local scholarships compiled by all area high schools.

  • BLPS Scholarship List - Please note: we are busy updating this spreadsheet. Last year's dates will be close to the stated scholarship deadline, so please use these as a guideline until this academic year's dates are published.
  • OSAC website
  • Fast Web
  • Sallie Mae Scholarship Search
  • College and Scholarship Tracker

    Please stop by the Future Center and talk with Becky Horst if you would like more information on specific scholarship opportunities.

Financial Aid

Undocumented Student Resources

Although undocumented students cannot apply to federal financial aid there are several financial resources available. Click here for details.

School to Career

Students can earn credits for participating in these work-based programs. Our school offers several programs including:

  • Volunteer Credit Info
  • Work Credit Info

Work and Internships

Job Search, Available Internships, Resumes, Letters of Introduction, Interviewing Skills


Foreign Exchange/Gap Year

Students interested in a foreign exchange program during high school have many options to consider. Each year our local Rotary Club sends and hosts high school students in their programs. Applications are available in late September for travel in August of the following school year.

Other programs include:

Those considering a Gap Year between high school and college can look at these resources:


For students wishing to go straight from high school into the military, a call to one of our local recruiters is the best place to start. Meetings can be set up in the recruiting office or in the Future Center.

ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Core)

ROTC is offered at some colleges and is designed as officer training, while students are going to college. Once selected for a ROTC program most likely you will be offered either a full or partial scholarship. The ROTC department at the school you plan to attend will have detailed information about post-college commitments.


The Academies offer students a very prestigious education, one that is filled with rigor and regimentation. To admission process is arduous, but worth it, if this is the route for you.

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School to Career Program Manager:

Mrs. Horst


If you have questions about enrollment or graduation, please visit our Counseling Page.