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Caldera High School Culture of Learning - FAQ

Cultura de aprendizaje en la Escuela Preparatoria Caldera - Preguntas más frecuentes

What grade levels will Caldera High School serve?

Caldera High Schools will be ready for students on September 7, 2021. During the 2021-2022 school year, we will serve students in grades 9 and 10. We will then roll up a grade level in each of the following two school years and serve grades 9-12 during the 2023-2024 school year.

Caldera High School will be the home for Bend-La Pine Schools, high school grades 9-12, Dual Immersion Spanish Program. For more information about dual immersion, click HERE.

What is the vision and mission of Caldera High School?

People thrive when they feel connected and when they see purpose in the work they do. This guiding idea is at the heart of everything we do at Caldera. When we help learners find their purpose in a place where they feel they belong, we know that learning is enhanced. Relevant learning begins with a deep understanding of the content and a deep understanding of those we learn with.

As we prepare to help our students grow, support the families we serve, and empower our current and future staff, we will always lead with relationship building as the pathway to success.

We cannot wait to meet you!

What classes will be offered? What would a typical student schedule look like?

Linked below are sample Four-Year Plans. A four-year plan offers a snapshot of a student's coursework during each year of study. Students will complete their own four-year plan following forecasting this spring and will meet regularly with their counselor to update this plan during their time at Caldera High School.

In addition to four-year plans, we have linked course progressions by content area. Course offerings will be determined by enrollment and some modifications will be made as we move into the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years.

Will you have athletics and activities

YES! Caldera High School will offer varsity OSAA activities similar to other Bend-La Pine area high schools. During the 2021-2022 school year, varsity team sports will compete at the JV level; individual varsity sports will compete at the varsity level.

Caldera will also house numerous school-based activities. This includes LEADERSHIP. We need student leaders to help us design and develop ways for all students to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity. We will also join with students this spring to help us plan transition events and activities for next August and September. More information coming soon.

Why is the Wolfpack your mascot?

Last year, we visited classes and met with student groups to gather input about our future mascot. Students submitted numerous ideas to our design team. As a group, we were drawn to mascots ideas that represent a community. Thus, the Wolfpack was born at Caldera High School. As a member of the Wolfpack, you are both part of the greater community and an individual with the talents and skills to help us thrive.

Where can I find the new area attendance boundary for Caldera High School?

Information about the 2021-2022 Area Attendance Boundary can be found on our homepage, which is linked HERE. We know that area attendance changes can be hard and/or confusing. If you need help, call us. Our school main line number is listed on the home page.

When can I learn more about Caldera High School?

SAVE THE DATE - March 15 at 6:00. We will hold a virtual informational night where you can meet members of the design team, learn about future programs, find ways to get involved, and help us launch our next comprehensive high school in Bend-La Pine Schools.

Four-Year Planning - Sample Pathways

Click below for sample four-year plans. Sample four-year plans provide examples of course offerings, course progressions from grades 9-12, and the credits required for each diploma.

Class of 2025 - Incoming 9th Grade Standard Diploma Sample Four-Year Plan

Class of 2025 - Incoming 9th Grade Dual Immersion Sample Four-Year Plan

Class of 2025 - Incoming 9th Grade Honors Diploma Sample Four-Year Plan

Class of 2024 - Incoming 10th Grade Standard Diploma Sample Four-Year Plan

Class of 2024 - Incoming 10th Grade Dual Immersion Sample Four-Year Plan

Class of 2024 - Incoming 10th Grade Honors Diploma Sample Four-Year Plan

Forecasting Information 2021-2022

Course Catalog -LINK

9th grade Options Sheet - Forecasting

10th Grade Options Sheet - Forecasting

Forecasting Playlists

Incoming 9th Grade Instructions and Video Playlist

Incoming 9th Grade Instructions and Video Playlist - Spanish

Incoming 10th Grade Instructions and Video Playlist

Incoming 10th Grade Instructions and Video Playlist - Spanish

Recording of March 15 Information Night

Video Link

Content Area Course Offerings

The following links provide academic programming and elective options. Course offerings are dependent on enrollment and staffing.

Advanced Placement and College Credit Options


Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways and Courses

English Language Arts



Other Elective Options


Social Science

World Language


Parents and students should check the Gradebook on ParentVUE and StudentVUE to view all progress grades.