Buckingham Elementary School

Welcome to Buckingham —
a STEM Integrated School!

A STEM Integrated School

Welcome to Buckingham STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Integrated Elementary School! We hope the information shared on our website will answer your questions and give you a glimpse into our outstanding school. We are committed to creating an innovative, safe and caring community of responsible learners who demonstrate determination to reach their full potential. Buckingham is filled with enthusiastic students willing to think creatively. The caring families and a highly effective staff are committed to providing our students a quality education through an integrated STEM focus.

Our school's educational program focuses on strong fundamentals in reading, writing and math. These core contents are enhanced by our integrated focus on STEM. Skills are developed and applied to real life problem solving tasks through project based learning activities. Our students apply the rigor of STEM in order to understand and address meaningful issues and engage collaboratively to solve problems. Education is a dynamic process.

We are constantly evaluating our practice to ensure that students are engaged, challenged and prepared with 21st Century Skills.

Another unique component found at Buckingham is the focus on creating strong community partnerships to support the education of our students. We want to eliminate the walls between our school and our community to apply our knowledge. Professionals in our community bring expertise and experiences that are inspiring for students and support our school curriculum to further engage students.

Families are the most critical part of our school success. Parents take an active role in providing an atmosphere that promotes education and quality work habits. There are a variety of ways families can support Buckingham students from becoming a "Watch Dog Volunteer" to joining the PTA or participating in our Design Team. I am honored to work with devoted parents and educators that are experts in their fields and who love children. The Buckingham community will always make decisions on what is best for students first.

Thank you,

Sunshine Dandurand, Principal

School Location

62560 Hamby Road
Bend, OR 97701

Start and Release Times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:
9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
(early release for teacher training and professional development)

School start times for 2019-20

School will start and end approximately one hour EARLIER than the current schedule.


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