Buckingham Elementary School

All Bend-La Pine Schools' campuses are closed through the end of the school year. Education continues through Continuation of Learning. Details at COVID-19 webpage.

Classroom Information

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Connect with Teachers

Note: All teachers listed below can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students). Individual teacher websites will have a link.


Debbie Walden

Laci Fisher

Kelly Sproba

Alyssa Scruggs

Sarah Barclay

First Grade

Cadi Brown

Jean Larraneta

Amy Hughes

Amber Stenkamp

Second Grade

Claire Dickey

Challey Becker

Frank Heimerdinger

Third Grade

Shane Knapp

Margy Tucker

Jessi Hayes

Alisha Clawson

Fourth Grade

Jesse Andrews

Kim Johnson

Deborah Buckman

Fifth Grade

Kimberly Camren

Sadie Rossi

Todd Jacobson


Molly Pearring - ERC

Karen Munson - Speech

Laci Fisher - Title 1 Intervention

Ryan Douglass - PE

Jason Herzog - Music

Judy Weaver - School Psychologist

Tami Otis - Lifeskills

Cammie Charles - Innovation