Buckingham Elementary School


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STEM Focus

Buckingham supports all students with researched based curriculum in all academic content areas approved by our district. We support students by offering small group intervention groups. Our staff develops individual plans for talented and gifted students to support growth at every level. Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education provides opportunities and access for all students to engage in project based learning with their peers. Students are challenged to become engaged problem solvers with real life design challenges. Our staff is continuing to develop field based learning experiences to enrich and deepen knowledge.We have a School Design Plan to increase the hope and engagement through teaching our students, parents, and staff about how to practicing a growth mindset. We are also diving deeper into critical thinking and problem solving in mathematics as well as, increasing skills in collaboration in our STEM learning.

Individually Focused. Committed to All.

When Bend-La Pine Schools students graduate, they should come equipped to do the following:

  • Persevere when faced with challenges
  • Value and exercise creativity
  • Discover how critical thinking skills are used across disciplines
  • Become a functioning member of a team
  • Exercise effective communication and presentation skills
  • Understand the importance of taking initiative
  • Learn about various aspects of leadership and develop those skills
  • Adapt and problem solve
  • Manage time and create a plan for accomplishing a task or goal
  • Know how to find reliable, accurate information