Attendance Area Review 2018-20

Silver Rail Cafeteria

Proposed Map

The Attendance Area Review Committee recommended the following proposed map and summary to Superintendent Shay Mikalson for his review on Jan. 15. Mikalson is expected to make a final decision about attendance areas by Jan. 29.

After holding a series of public forums and reviewing feedback from over 500 survey respondents, the Attendance Area Review Committee used the Scenario Two map as its starting point, making a few modifications. The recommended map moves fewer students than those shown in Scenarios One and Three.

Attendance Area Review Committee Full Report

Attendance Area Review Committee Proposed Map

Attendance Area Review Committee Proposed Map January 2019

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Other Information


The committee will recommend that current fourth-graders affected by attendance area changes will be “grandfathered”: that is, they will be allowed to remain in the schools they now attend without having to make area change requests. Transportation to and from school will be the responsibility of the family when the “grandfather” option is chosen.

Other details:

  • We are updating our Attendance Area Change Request (ACR) form and should have it ready no later than Tuesday. It will be available on our ACR webpage.
  • Once Superintendent Shay Mikalson makes a final decision in late January, Bend-La Pine Schools will send letters to all families affected by boundary changes to give them information about grandfathering and ACR requests.

Process and timeline


Bend-La Pine Schools is opening two new schools: A 600-seat elementary school in north-central Bend will open in fall of 2019. A high school will open in southeast Bend in fall of 2021.

Attendance areas are being reviewed and adjusted to account for these new schools and to balance enrollment across all schools.


The Attendance Area Review Committee includes 27 members who are parents, community members, business leaders and staff.


Elementary: The committee members are reviewing and adjusting elementary school boundaries, with plans to make recommendations to the Superintendent in January of 2019. These boundaries will be implemented in the fall of 2019.

Middle and High: In the fall of 2019, the committee will begin to review middle and high school boundaries. The new boundaries will be implemented in the fall of 2021.

More on Boundaries

Press releases:

Public input:

  • The Attendance Area Review Committee hosted public meetings on Oct. 22, Dec. 4 and Dec. 6
  • Members of the public were invited to participate in an online survey to offer input about the three proposed map scenarios. The survey closed Dec. 10

Three proposed scenarios:

These three scenarios were created by the committee members and presented to the community during public meetings and via an online survey.