Attendance Area Review 2018-20

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Attendance Area Map Adopted

Bend-La Pine Schools Superintendent Shay Mikalson approved the adoption of new Bend-area elementary school attendance areas, set to take effect fall 2019.

“These new elementary school attendance areas will balance enrollment and reduce pressure felt at the district’s overcrowded elementary schools while providing an attendance area for Bend-La Pine Schools’ new 600-seat elementary school opening in the fall of 2019 in north-central Bend,” said Mikalson.

Mikalson said he studied community input, met with staff and families, reviewed current and projected elementary school enrollments, and carefully reviewed the recommendations presented by the 26-member Attendance Area Review Committee before finalizing his decision.

The committee made its recommendations after meeting for four months, hosting several public meetings and reviewing more than 500 comments from the public through surveys and in-person communication.

Attendance Area Review Committee Full Report

Approved Elementary Attendance Area Map

To determine your neighborhood school of attendance beginning in fall of 2019, please use the map below or utilize our attendance area look up tool:

2019-20 Attendance Area Lookup Tool

Attendance Area Review Committee Proposed Map January 2019

Click on the map to zoom in or Download the Proposed Map as a PDF

Process and timeline


Bend-La Pine Schools is opening two new schools: A 600-seat elementary school in north-central Bend will open in fall of 2019. A high school will open in southeast Bend in fall of 2021.

Attendance areas are being reviewed and adjusted to account for these new schools and to balance enrollment across all schools.


The Attendance Area Review Committee includes 27 members who are parents, community members, business leaders and staff.


Elementary: New elementary school attendance areas are now in place and effective for the 2019-20 school year. Find your attendance area.

Middle and High: In the fall of 2019, the committee will begin to review middle and high school boundaries. The new boundaries will be implemented in the fall of 2021.

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