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Bend Tech Academy

Blue banner reading STEM and Engineering Academy and image of two female high school students leaning over lego robot build

Welcome to the STEM/Engineering Academy!

The STEM / Engineering Academy focuses on building 21st Century skills including: problem solving, teamwork, initiative, self-direction, and career development. We empower students to discover their interests and aptitudes, along the pathway to post-secondary success. Students will learn technical skills in the areas of robotics and automation, electricity and alternative energy, 3D CAD (Computer Assisted Design) modeling together with 3D printing and laser engraving. Students also have the opportunity to earn their Remote Pilot Certificate and fly drones professionally.

"I like that BTA is more hands-on than other schools. I have been 3D printing in my STEM/Engineering Academy classes."

- Trevor, Class of 2024

High Engagement Learning

Every student in the STEM/Engineering Academy has endless opportunities to dive in and learn everything they can about modern technologies. Our STEM lab has industry recognized technology that includes 3D printers, laser engravers, a wind tunnel, solar panels, EV3 and Vex robots, and drones.

Students have made some impressive creations including:

  • Working prosthetic hands
  • Robots that can draw
  • Adaptive toys for children with special needs
  • Engraved cellphone cases
  • Cellphone stands
  • Personalized student projects

These projects range in size, but all of them teach the key-components of engineering design with brainstorming, research, planning, prototyping, testing, and improvement. Students are able to make their ideas come to life and are responsible for each step of the process.

Future Readiness

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are some of the fastest growing industries. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate and our students are perfectly aligned to enter the STEM workforce running. With a broad spectrum of careers available in the engineering realm there is something for everyone. Surveyors, architects, mechanical engineers, drone pilots, information technology specialists, web developers, computer hardware engineers, aerospace engineers, and computer programmers all have careers relating to STEM experience.

These occupations offer exciting days because they are at the forefront of technology, and they also typically pay well. The median annual wages for all occupations in this group was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations in the economy, which was $39,810. Median salaries range from about $45,000 to $140,000 annually. Read more about STEM and engineering careers here: STEM and Engineering Occupations

Employment in engineering occupations is projected to grow 10% through 2029. About 74,800 new jobs are projected to be added each year. Most of the projected job growth in this group is in the engineering occupations, as their services will be in demand in various areas such as rebuilding of infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas extraction, and robotics.

Contact: Mr. Erickson (541) 355-3500

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