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Bend Tech Academy

Banner reading Construction Academy and image of male student standing by wooden door frames being made

Welcome to the Construction Academy!

Many students excel in school when learning includes real-world application based in 3-dimensional thinking and problem solving. The Construction Academy capitalizes on these high-engagement modes of learning by offering skill-building activities which develop student competence in many areas of construction. Students who complete the program will graduate with both knowledge and skills of blueprint reading, hand and power tool use, precision in measuring, shop and job-site safety, woodworking, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, sustainable building practices, and more!

At BTA we care about our community. Students in the Construction Academy spend time planning and creating unique projects to meet the needs of local businesses and non-profits to create in-service learning opportunities where we all benefit. From woodworking to building construction, we offer it all!

With safety as our main priority, we adhere to all OSHA safety guidelines so that every student exiting BTA is already following industry standards as they enter the workforce.

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¨I chose BTA because it´s a community where everyone gets to know each other and form relationships I would not have at other schools. The Construction Academy teaches me real world skills that will help me build my future after high school.¨

~KC, Class of 2023

Construction Academy Course Plan

Construction Academy Course Plan

Future Readiness

Careers in the construction industry are abundant, particularly in Central Oregon where we have an entrepreneurial community requiring commercial buildings to be constructed and renovated along with new residents needing homes and remodels. Even during recessions people need electricians, plumbers, and contractors to step in when things go wrong!

The construction trades industry is diverse; it isn't all about building. Occupation fields include plumbers, carpenters, electricians, solar panel installers, masons, contractors, project managers, site supervisors and even building inspectors! Did you know that a lot of these fields don't require a 4-year degree? Many construction related occupations offer a paid apprenticeship so that you get paid while gaining valuable experience. Salaries range from about $36,000 (entry labor) to $85,000 annually too! Read more about career options and salaries here: Construction Occupations

Employment within the construction trades is projected to grow 4% through 2029 and gain about 296,300 new jobs. We prepare our students for careers that are high skill, high wage, and high demand.With our construction program focusing in sustainable construction practices, we hit all three so each student is future ready for an exciting and innovative career in construction!

Contact: Mrs. Loper (541) 355-3500

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