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Bend Tech Academy

Small group of high school students wearing red t-shirts surround outside table and talk

Business Leadership

The Business Leadership Academy focuses on building entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that students will need to pursue a career in Business management. Students will learn skills that can apply to virtually any industry, such as personnel management, ethics, marketing, planning, finance, resource management, and entrepreneurship.

"When I first enrolled at BTA I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought business could be fun, but maybe not exciting. After I started the Business Leadership Academy I realized I was not only good at it, but it’s exciting too!"

- Gabe, Class of 2024

High Engagement Learning

Every student in the Business Leadership Academy participates in high engagement, real-world learning experiences to best prepare them for future success in business. Students plan and organize school-wide events, collaborate with local business leaders on logo design and production, organize and implement fundraising activities and much, much more.

Business Leadership projects include:

  • Design and produce BTA merchandise, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, buttons, stickers and more!
  • Organizing community blood drives
  • Fundraising for Sara's Project at St. Charles Hospital as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Design and producing t-shirts for Jewell Elementary Staff
  • Design and producing t-shirts for the 2023 Skilled Trades Fair volunteers
  • Won several student-written grants, allowing for the purchase of production equipment, including a hat press, vinyl printer, logo embroidery machine, and more!

In addition to the deep learning found in these CTE courses, BTA also has a DECA club, where students can participate in regional and state conferences and competitions. BTA even had a student participate in the 2023 National competition

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