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Yearbook Pricing

Yearbooks go on sale during Bears are Back for the low price of $50 - prices increase to $65 at the beginning of November. It pays to order early!

Senior Photos

Due Date: November 15, 2020

We are excited to receive your senior photo for this year’s 2020-21 Bear Tracks Yearbook!

How to submit your senior portrait:

Make sure your photo meets the requirements listed below! We want your beautiful photo
to look great in the yearbook, but you are responsible for reading and following the

1. Confirm that your photo is the correct file size, format (jpeg), and meets the guidelines

2. Label your photo correctly - last name_first name.jpg (Your photo could be lost if no

3. Submit your photo ONLINE to the yearbook company via our eShare account:

a) Go to
b) Access code is “lavabears”
c) Upload to eShare. Follow directions.

Please do not email BSH to confirm your submission. Your picture has been sent to the
yearbook company and is in a design file for our school’s yearbook.

Please note: photos will NOT be accepted via e-mail. Email can sometimes compress
photos so that they are too small to use...and they can get lost! ONLY submit photos to
eShare....and label with your student’s last name and first name as directed in the
instructions. We don’t want the wrong photo to end up in the yearbook, so we ask for your

Senior Photo Requirements:

• Photos must be HEAD SHOTS, framed from the chest up. Non-head shots or full body
shots will be cropped to show just head and shoulders. Please avoid photos that are
tilted! (These are very hard to crop correctly to fit requirements for the book page
design.) Idea: If you LOVE a photo that is not a head shot, purchase a grad/baby ad!
• The preferred format is .JPEG with 300 ppi resolution at 3 x 4 inches.
• Picture File Size should fall between 2-5 mb. Slightly larger is fine, but too large a file
makes it difficult to load onto a page with the other photographs. Too small of a file
results in a fuzzy pixelated picture when placed in the yearbook design pages.
Photos must be in full color. No black and white or sepia tones.
• Photos must be in focus.
• Face must be easy to see with no dark shadows or obstructions. No hats or hoodies. Pay
attention to lighting in your photographs. We can not lighten your photo.
• Photos must contain only you. (No friends, pets, props, etc.).
• No “selfies.”

We will make every effort to include your preferred photo. If the yearbook company does
not receive valid portrait submissions before November 16, 2020, your school I.D. photo
may be used instead due to print deadlines.

All requirements must be fully met, or your photo will revert to your school I.D. photo.
Please be aware that Yearbook pages are submitted to the printing plant and printed early
throughout the beginning of the school year with the final deadline for the full yearbook in
March. Changes are often not able to be made after these submissions.

The use of any photo is up to the discretion of the Yearbook staff. We do not wish to
discourage individuality; we do, however, wish to create a professional looking
publication that all patrons enjoy and where your face in your picture is large enough to be

The yearbook staff strives to include the senior portrait of every Lava Bear. Thank you for
your efforts to submit portraits in a timely manner.

Senior Baby Ads

Due Date: November 15, 2020

Senior baby ads will be created online this year through the Herff Jones Online Creation program. Please click here for easy instructions to create a baby ad and pay online (Instructions coming soon). Please call our adviser at 541-355-3888 for questions!

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