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Hurray! The 2021 BSH Bear Tracks Yearbook has gone to PRINT.

Your BSH yearbook students have finished the yearbook, and it has been submitted to the printing plant. No more photos submitted to eShare or makeup photos of this school year will appear in the 2021 yearbook. The planned distribution date of the yearbook will be at the end of May or early June depending on shipping arrival and other student events. We can't wait to share the yearbook with you!

There are still a few copies of the 2021 yearbook for sale. $50 at Accounting window or

Thank you for supporting Bend High!

Yearbook Interview Survey 2020-21

YOU are being featured in the BSHS Yearbook!!! Just take this survey:


Here is your chance to voice your opinions, and an opportunity to join in with your classmates of the 2020-2021 school year at Bend High to have some fun!

Complete this survey for your grade level and PASS IT ON to every Bend High student that you can. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Some responses will be used to create graphs, spreads, or other fun survey results for the yearbook. One way to think about the survey is that it is the Yearbook staff digitally interviewing YOU. Please do your best to provide detailed and lengthy answers when possible. Yearbook staff can’t pull you out of class for a chat right now (Ha!), but this is the next best thing AND we can talk to ALL of you, if you answer the survey.

Yearbook Purchase

Our 2021 Bend Senior High yearbook is currently on sale for $50.

Be sure to buy yours today!

Yes, there will be a yearbook! We are planning 150+ full pages of Lava Bear activities and fun to record this VERY DIFFERENT school year including student photos, sports activities, academic challenges, student projects, Lava Bear events during Comprehensive Distant Learning and features about the 2020-2021 school year. There will even be opportunities for students and families to respond to photo challenges and prompts to potentially be included in the yearbook.

To purchase your Yearbook:

Log onto Touchbase at

Username: student's ID #

Password: student's last name (all lower case)
Select "Items at Student's School" > "Yearbook"Purchase item and Check out.

Share your candid Lava Bear photos

YES, Lava Bears, there WILL be a YEARBOOK !!!

Yearbooks are more than just your posed student photos. A yearbook captures and records the school year and student activities for lasting memories. Distant learning has changed our school year, but we still have a year FULL of active Lava Bears sharing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to document and record for our students.

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